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The Conrad Hotel...Chicago, IL.

I stayed at the Conrad Hotel in Chicago last week.I must say that this is one of the finest hotels that I have stayed in ever. The hotel is new and only half of the rooms are ready for guest. The room that I stayed in was a corner room with great views of the city even though I was on the side away from the water. The oversize king bed was wonderful and the sheets were so nice to sleep on. Great shower along with bathroom amenities. The staff was first class everywhere I went in the hotel. And the breakfast bar set up for our meetings was better than most site down breakfast. Fresh food that was not heat and serve, but prepared for our event. If this hotel is within your budget, I give this hotel top marks.

Southwest Airlines is winning me over

I'm still a huge Alaska Airlines fan and always will be, however, Southwest is winning me over. Front row seat with lot's of let room. The best part of Southwest is that they take the overhead bins seriously, if the bag is to big, they check it. If you have to many bags, then check some of them. You don't seem to hear about fights on Alaska or Southwest, and I know why. People don't get so mad due to the quality of flight attendants.

The little stinker has struck again

This shit is about to get real.