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Just another Day

Oingo Boingo was totally on to something. Just another day and a Monday at that. Working on getting my place at the new company and moving a head. Obsoleting parts, setting up meetings, planning my travel for the next 90 days. Yep, just another day.


And away we go. Had the main dinner on Tuesday instead of the traditional Thursday. She who must not be named was on very good behavior. It was very nice meal. The cranberries were wonderful and the pies were good despite Trader Joe's doing away with a key ingredient.


I've got nothing...nothing I say. The big meeting was less than what I had hoped for as I'm still in nowhere land as for a direction of my job. But, on a bright note, I have price sheets being made for my product line. Don't know who or what I'm selling, but I have price sheets. It's Friday, bring it on.

First of the big meetings

Well hopefully today marks the beaning of some clarity in my job. I have meetings with VPs and such types to discuss the future of my product line and thus my direction in the company. It's been a hard few weeks. On a side note, "she who must not be named" is still the same.... Thank you and you may carry on now.
Just a thought....