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As we approach another season of winter and the threats of snow are already flying around, I sit and think of  how different the Mid West is to the Pacific Northwest in the terms of snow and drivers.  Mid West is luck in the fact that 200 feet constitutes a hill and there is always the salt factor. But drivers expect snow and know how to drive in for the most part. Most people plan ahead and drive accordingly to what they face. And rarely do you find much ice under the snow. Now the folks in the PNW don't call anything less than 2000 feet a hill. Anything less is just a slight climb.They don't use salt, but instead use gravel to help the windshield company's profit structure. There is almost always ice under the snow and the PNW drives are....well stupid when it comes to snow. Just the thought of snow can cause some drivers waves of terror. So here I sit wondering what this season will bring and all I know is I want my black steed back. She ran wonderfully in t