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Showing posts from January, 2012
Sitting here trying to figure out just who is in charge and why do they think it's funny to start dropping snow when they know I have to drive to the Twin Cities on Monday. The last time I was there I had to deal with snow and the old Nissan does not like snow. It seems that Nissan has a design flaw that allows snow to be sucked up the air intake and causes the car not to run. Crom has a very sick sense of humor.
Had a really nice time last night meeting an old friend for dinner. Now this was the first time we have ever met in person, but we have been talking online for 3 years now. And I must admit that my luck in meeting people online has been perfect so far. Everyone of them has been super adorable people. I met a little Bee and her spouse for dinner and then went and had coffee. Thank you Bee for a great time. You are charming and witty with just the right amount of smart ass to pull it all together. No pictures to protect the....well us.