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Travel 2013

This year's travel has come to an end. I expect that since I now have help at work that my travel schedule will increase for 2013. I have trips planned in January already. One trip to Washington and another to Texas. I then expect a trip to Alabama in February as well.
As we approach another season of winter and the threats of snow are already flying around, I sit and think of  how different the Mid West is to the Pacific Northwest in the terms of snow and drivers.  Mid West is luck in the fact that 200 feet constitutes a hill and there is always the salt factor. But drivers expect snow and know how to drive in for the most part. Most people plan ahead and drive accordingly to what they face. And rarely do you find much ice under the snow. Now the folks in the PNW don't call anything less than 2000 feet a hill. Anything less is just a slight climb.They don't use salt, but instead use gravel to help the windshield company's profit structure. There is almost always ice under the snow and the PNW drives are....well stupid when it comes to snow. Just the thought of snow can cause some drivers waves of terror. So here I sit wondering what this season will bring and all I know is I want my black steed back. She ran wonderfully in t

Treehuggers Cafe

Cute little place off the main road in a strip mall. Don't let the mall fool you, it's not your typical mall food stop. And there is lots of parking. Super friendly staff that greeted me as I walked in the door. Decor was OK and the sound bounced off the hard walls. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado, tomato, mozzarella, and grilled onions on gluten free bread. This came with a bowl of Dandelion soup. The sandwich was very very good, while the soup was good. To be fair, the soup was most likely better than I thought due to it just not my taste in soups. Large menu with seasonal offerings. This place would fit in just fine in the Pacific Northwest. I will bring the family here when we go to the Rock n Roll hall of fame. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


Araya's Thai Restaurant, Seattle, WA.

Thai Vegan restaurant Araya's Place What a wonderful little Vegetarian Thai restaurant in Seattle,WA. Located on 45th near the University of Washington campus. Araya's serves Vegan and Gluten Free options of most of the menu choices. Service is good and the people watching out the front window is great. Traditional Thai setting with plenty of seating. Gluten Free deserts are available as well. I had the Asparagus in Pa nag Curry Sauce with mix vegetables. This may be the best meal that I have had ever, and diffidently in the last few years of travel. Portions are very good for the price, you will not leave hungry.

And now for something completely different...

I love the idea that you have to be intelligent to realize how stupid you are that really stupid people don't realize how stupid they are. THAT is a total Monty Python. Some times you just need to sit back and enjoy all that is around you and not judge the Scotsman on a horse. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Spiral Diner and Bakery/ Fort Worth, TX

Black Bean and Quinoa with a Tahini dressing on the side. Great little place with very good service. Nice place to people watch. Bottomless self serve drinks. A definite must place to eat when you are in Fort Worth Texas. Mostly Vegan with a good assortment of Gluten Free.

Dallas Love Field hotel choice

window blackout blind comfy king size bed I have now gone mobile. I stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Dallas over by Dallas Love Field the other night. What a nice hotel and only $62.00 for the night. Wonderful bed and a nice big desk. The room also had a HD flat screen TV. The shade was kind of cool and very different from the normal curtains one finds in a hotel room. The place was very clean and I will stay here again.
Sitting here trying to figure out just who is in charge and why do they think it's funny to start dropping snow when they know I have to drive to the Twin Cities on Monday. The last time I was there I had to deal with snow and the old Nissan does not like snow. It seems that Nissan has a design flaw that allows snow to be sucked up the air intake and causes the car not to run. Crom has a very sick sense of humor.
Had a really nice time last night meeting an old friend for dinner. Now this was the first time we have ever met in person, but we have been talking online for 3 years now. And I must admit that my luck in meeting people online has been perfect so far. Everyone of them has been super adorable people. I met a little Bee and her spouse for dinner and then went and had coffee. Thank you Bee for a great time. You are charming and witty with just the right amount of smart ass to pull it all together. No pictures to protect the....well us.