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Merry Christmas to all. We did the annual Clam Chowder for Christmas Eve, I must say that it was better than ever and we even did French bread to go with it. I received a really cool gift from my DW this year, 50 cars that changed the world. It is not from a design point of view, if you mean design being how the car looks, but more of from design being function and form.
Did some more traveling this last few weeks. I have been to Springfield, MO twice and roamed around Saint Louis along the way. Had a nice lunch at the Chipotle Grill in Saint Louis on Delmar street when a fire broke out next door at a vintage clothing shop. Made for a fun time trying to get my car out of the parking lot with all of the police and fire trucks on scene. The new job is going very well and it seems that this move and all has been a good thing. The down side of the move is that I still need to sell my house in the NW and that is proving to be some what of an issue. My last hotel room had a large jetted tub in the main room right next to the bed. Sometimes an upgrade is just strange and not needed. I could have had one heck of a party in this tub.
Another Happy Thanksgiving day has come and gone. It was the first in our new home here in Indiana. Not the same table setting as last year, we had to cut back due to having two homes that need to be paid for. I will be happy when the other home in Vancouver sells. Anyway, the meal was good as the turkey was done just right. The dish we called stuffing was the best and the cranberry's were very good as well. We were alone as a family and that seemed to make things go smoother than years past. Time for leftovers.....
Dealing with kids is one of the more difficult things one will ever have to deal with in life. I can manage a rather large customer base and challenges with in the work place, and I would rather deal with that then teenage girls right now. My DW is the only saving grace right now, otherwise, I just might sell the kids.
I just returned from my visit to Texas, Dallas to be specific, where I was able to go to one of my favorite Gluten Free restaurants. Kozy Kitchen is a small place on the north end of the downtown area of Dallas. It is seemingly a place that only the locals go due to the small parking area and lack of signage. Once you enter you will be greeted by great service and really good food. Most items are GF and a great GF desert menu. The Buffalo Tacos are a must try item. The coffee was something that I don't really pay much attention too as being from the NW, I know what good coffee is all about, however, I found the coffee to be just the right amount of bitterness with a smooth texture that really hit the spot.

The all new Woodchuck

I have now relocated to the land of.........the land of........flat northern Indiana. I now get to play with a whole new group of Squirrels. We have a rather large one that lives in my tree in the back yard and he is really miffed that I want to park my car in the way of his path from the yard to the tree. Well as long as I am keeping him in black oiled sunflower seeds, he can live with it. I just returned from a trip to Montreal and Quebec Canada. I did not get to see the little Bee that lives up in the Toronto area, next time. I plan to review more Gluten Free options as I travel to new lands.