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While I sit...

I'm sitting in the dinning room on one of the rodent's new computers thinking that the weather gods must be somewhat back to normal as it's raining, no realllllly raining here. The beautiful wind is a blowing which rattles the house a little. I went to a 50th birthday party for friend last night and ran into someone that I went to high school with. She was 3 years behind me and I could not remember anything about her. Not even the name rang a bell. Now the fun part...she knew me. Started off on stories about me and as she was going through them....crap, I remember that...and that....and that, OK that's more than we need. Did I just go through high school and not really care about anything? I mean that this is not the first time I have run into someone that knows me and I can't recall anything. And then there is DW standing there asking more questions about things I can't even dispute if I wanted to. However, I did in fact fill this girls parent's Volvo with

For no reason....really no reason at all.

So last week this was my commute to work. And I really thought that this would be the end of the winter driving in the Pacific Northwest. I had visions of sunny weather with the window down and the wind blowing through my fur. But alas, I found myself driving in 6 inch's of snow this week in Everett, Washington. So much for a clean truck. I really should have know better.

Winter Driving

Here we are in March and I'm still fighting snow! I'm looking where I'm going....not that it's doing me any good. To the right...cliff going up. To the left..cliff going down. Good thing I have auto pilot.