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This might be a little over the top...not

A Rogue Ale press release:

A limited release fresh-hop beer, Independence Hop Ale was brewed in two 50-barrel batches, following the harvest cycle of the hops. The first batch was brewed with 500 pounds of fresh, unkilned Centennial hops. The second was brewed a week later with 750 pounds of wet Cascade hops picked, stuffed into sacks, driven 77 miles to Newport and tossed in the brew kettle before they had a chance to start drying. After fermentation, the two batches were blended together. The result is a light copper-colored, unfiltered ale marrying the two distinctive hop characters of each batch.Independence Hop Ale is brewed with 8 ingredients: Two-row, Munich, Caramel Wheat and Carafoam malts, fresh, unkilned Centennial and Cascade hops, proprietary Pacman yeast and free range coastal water.

I would like to point out the part in "bold" print. I'm all about giving one's self to the ale gods, but this takes it to a whole new level.

As a Rogue Nation member in good standing, I am a little upset that I was not called up to be the designated driver.


Travel said…
"free range water" that is a new level of marketing hyperboli, I wonder if they confined it to a pipe and forced it into the brew kettel, or did they just leave the top off and let it run in on it's own, maybe enticing it with a polite "here rain, come over here!"

Designated driver or designated drinker?

I want a bottle of the gin.

WickedHamster said…
Impressive indeed! But... wouldn't "coastal" water be a bit salty? I mean, I know I'm a new citizen and likely don't have a complete understanding, but I'm just sayin'...
Woodchuck said…
Designated driver or designated drinker?

Good question, Since I'm drinking the Rogue Rum now, I quess that means that the Hops would be safe with me and make me the perfect choice.
WickedHamster said…
You've got my vote. Wait a minute... I can make that an Imperial appointment, can't I? HamsterLand is so much more efficient than "democracy".
Rogue Squirrel said…
I need that ale like Ted Kennedy needs lifejackets in his car...

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