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I just can't win.

Tonight DW had a class in downtown Portland and being the nice completely whipped DH that I am, I drove her down to the class and then went to pick her up.

Getting her there was no big deal as I drove her right to the building that the class was in. I might add that I did get her there a hour early. We went for coffee and then I went home to wait to go back into Portland and pick her up.

First off, I was not in the right spot to pick her up, so she had to walk a block to find me. Then on the way home, once we were on the freeway where 405 south bound splits to I5 north and south bound....all heck breaks loose when a small Toyota driven by a young lady decided to make a last minute lane change from south to north bound and the Dodge 4x4 with a 32 foot trailer that was driving way too the same lane....decided to do a little dance and block both lanes of traffic.

Did I have my

My question is this...If you are going to spend $40,000 plus for a trailer and $30,000 plus for the truck to pull it with. And then put your 3 young kids and wife in the truck, why would you not spend the extra few dollars to buy the correct hitch set up to make it a safe towing experience? This dirt ball puts his family in danger because he wanted to save a few dollars. This is one of my issues with the RV market and most people that tow trailers. I also believe that his lack of driving experience played a major role in tonight's accident. Just because you have a jacked up 4x4 I've got more power type of truck does not mean that you can go out and get a big heavy trailer and drive up and down the road. When will drivers of trucks towing trailers learn to slow the crap down. The truck and trailer "jacked knifed" and blocked two lanes of traffic and the little Toyota was totalled as well.

I watched the accident in slow motion as it happened. I believe that what I saw is the way it happened and that I can tell you what was the major cause of the accident as well as the pieces that could have kept the accident from happening. Had the driver of the truck been paying attention and reacted sooner it might not have happened. Had the driver of the truck had some kind...any kind...of sway control on the trailer, it might not have happened. Had the driver of the truck been doing the speed limit instead of driving too fast, it might not have happened. Had the driver of the truck had the brake controller adjusted correctly, it might not have happened. And if the Toyota had not made a lane change, it might not have happened.

No one was hurt in the accident except for the 911 operator that I yelled at.

I do feel sorry for the young driver of the Toyota, was it her fault, yes and no. She put the thing into motion, but the driver of the truck had many opportunities to make it stop before it became an accident.

By the way, my favorite holiday is coming up this month, my mood should improve.


Kelsgarden said…
this will teach me to pee at the break during class -
Travel said…
Very glad to hear that no one was seriously hurt, oh my! Of all the people on the west coast to crash in front of, this guy did it in front of one of the 2 that understaood the dynamics of what was happening and the 7 ways to control them. Maybe the insurance companies on these things should hire you for say $250K a year to advise them on what to insure and who to send to "safeauto."

Take care and always pee before driving, one never knows!

WickedHamster said…
Wow! Such a masterful analysis, and of a situation that no doubt transpired in a blink of an eye in real time. I'm impressed! No wonder I made you Minister of Automotive Affairs!

(That added to your being right on top of the hops news starts me thinking of giving you a promotion...)
Me said…
Maybe he didn't have the kind of hitch you wanted him to have because he didn't know better. CH and I are absolutely clueless about hitches. If someone tells us it's a good one and it's on sale and will work, we'd probably have bought it. This guy may have been shopping for the hitch with his wife and three little kids with and the kids were antsy and screaming and wanting to go home and he bought what looked fine to him.

I blame it on the Toyota. Idiot driver.

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