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A river runs through it....

And everyone talks about how the mighty Mississippi is so large and wide. But, here is a view of the little old Columbia river looking north from Oregon to Washington. Yes, that is one river and the mountain range you see way in the distance is truly Washington state. And we have killer Seagulls that will take on anything in their path.

So, what is the view out of your office window?

I win!

First snow of the season...

Nice day for a drive in the back country.... This is not looking good..... Crap Crap I say... Can't we just wait for winter to get here before the snow starts? This is how the day began. Love the fall colors.... And the river runs through a very nice valley......

Back in the land of Laptops

Yes, I know have my own computer to use when I travel. Let the games begin. High points of the week: Getting inspected at the border crossing........AGAIN! Working with Paul again. The first snow of the season crossing over the pass on HWY 2 in Washington. (pictures to follow) Yep, it was a good week.

I just can't win.

Tonight DW had a class in downtown Portland and being the nice completely whipped DH that I am, I drove her down to the class and then went to pick her up. Getting her there was no big deal as I drove her right to the building that the class was in. I might add that I did get her there a hour early. We went for coffee and then I went home to wait to go back into Portland and pick her up. First off, I was not in the right spot to pick her up, so she had to walk a block to find me. Then on the way home, once we were on the freeway where 405 south bound splits to I5 north and south bound....all heck breaks loose when a small Toyota driven by a young lady decided to make a last minute lane change from south to north bound and the Dodge 4x4 with a 32 foot trailer that was driving way too the same lane....decided to do a little dance and block both lanes of traffic. Did I have my My question is this...If you are going to spend $40,000 plus for a trailer and $30,000

This might be a little over the top...not

A Rogue Ale press release: A limited release fresh-hop beer, Independence Hop Ale was brewed in two 50-barrel batches, following the harvest cycle of the hops. The first batch was brewed with 500 pounds of fresh, unkilned Centennial hops. The second was brewed a week later with 750 pounds of wet Cascade hops picked, stuffed into sacks, driven 77 miles to Newport and tossed in the brew kettle before they had a chance to start drying. After fermentation, the two batches were blended together. The result is a light copper-colored, unfiltered ale marrying the two distinctive hop characters of each batch.Independence Hop Ale is brewed with 8 ingredients: Two-row, Munich, Caramel Wheat and Carafoam malts, fresh, unkilned Centennial and Cascade hops, proprietary Pacman yeast and free range coastal water. I would like to point out the part in "bold" print. I'm all about giving one's self to the ale gods, but this takes it to a whole new level. As a Rogue Nation member