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I feel like I'm in Blazing Saddles...

Picture the scene in the movie with the Governor responding to the question...Do I dare say... Dare , Dare .... I keep going back and looking at a mid-life type of "I'm going to catch hell" kind of dilemma. I have found a street rod type of 1963 BMW R69 bike. It has a custom front suspension with a Norton wind screen, Ducati fuel tank and period style saddle bags. The paint is black with red fogged into the tank around the leg rest. The frame is painted red to match the fogged in color on the tank and fenders. The engine is from a later model BMW 1000cc bike with custom built stainless steel spoke wheels. I'm to scared to even take pictures of it as DW has been a good sport listening to me talk about it. But, I do believe that if I start bringing home pictures of it I just might find myself sleeping with the worm in a bin. I don't really think I need or even want the bike. It really is pretty and needs a good home. I just am at that point when I think I should

World Domination Summit..Part two.

World Domination Summit..Part two. Yes, once again the Hamster party has met and confirmed that the Northwest is secure and accounted for by WC and RS. MonkeyDragon was there to take notes and document the at eleven....and rejoice with a nice Rogue Gin with a splash of soda water. WC went for the Rogue Rum, while Squirrel drank the Rogue 200 meter IPA with a I2PA chaser. TR drank a nice Juniper Pale Ale, also known as Yellow Snow Ale while the leader drank lemonade. The royal part did get to meet the next generation of the Hamster party members as both of my rodents and little Squirrel were there as well. Even the head of the Squirrel household was there to give us legal advise. TR and WH are two of the nicest guys one could spend time with, charming and down right funny. However, I will take the blame for not checking with the Tacoma Glass Museum to see if the the tour day was in fact the one day of the year when the museum is closed for it's big gala.