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One does not live by bread alone.

I have no ideal why that comment comes to mind, other than the fact that I don't eat bread made from wheat and this is where the issue starts. Try and find a nice burger served on a bun not made from wheat flour, NOT going to happen. This is why I should own stock in Chipotle Grill as I eat there more than I do at home. When I travel it's Chipotle for lunch and it's Chiptle for dinner. You know you have been somewhere to often when you walk in and are asked if it will be the usual? And this happens in both Seattle and Portland locations. For those of you that are wondering, is Chipotle Grill Gluten free? The answerer is yes as long as you don't have the "hot" sauce and the flower wraps. On a side note, I took the littlest rodent with me on today's travels. All I can say is, OMG, does she ever stop talking? The answerer to that questions in a definite NO!