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Thinking of the river...The Rogue River that is...

Most people don't think of the upper section of the Rogue as a place to go visit and think about life. I find that the upper section is full of visual poetry and calming sounds. This is a fun little drop to play in on a hot summer day or during the cold spring run off from Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake) This is another section of the Rogue that travels through a collapsed lava tube. Great fun in a inflatable kayak. I could sit for hours in the twilight and listen to the rushing water as it flow to the sea. The upper section of the Rogue is not seen or used by many as it is so close to Crater Lake that most everyone drives right by these sites. The real beauty here goes unseen by the masses. Any true Rogue Nation member knows these spots well...........Mr. Squirrel.


Did I mention that I was snowed on in June. I'm not overly fond of snow as it makes for a cold butt. Dreaming of the early days on the river. Spring run off always makes the rivers more fun. Out for a nice hike. As a Druid, one must always stop and spend time with the locals.