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Life without a computer...

Means that you never know when a post might be in order. I have lots of pictures to show everyone, however, blogger does not seem to want to help with the upload of said pictures. Later maybe? For the month of June, I've been snowed on while traveling to Central Oregon, burnt in Northern California, blown away in Central and Eastern Washington. Good times have been had by all. So, on the topic of computers, does anyone have any input on what I should get for myself and for the oldest rodent in the house? I will be using mine for work and goofing off. Oldest rodent will be using it for high school class work. The garden tour is just 2 weeks away and I have so much to do. I think that I shall drink from the Rogue Rum bottle and sit back and enjoy what we have done so far and ignore the rest. It's not that I really drink rum or even want to drink rum. It just sounds good to drink rum with a umbrella in the back yard.

On the road again.

Since taking a new position this spring, I have enjoyed the lack of travel that came with the change flow of life. However, all good things seem short lived as I must now start traveling again on a somewhat regular basis's. The travel will be one to two nights a week during the summer months and then I can go back to less travel come the winter months when sales slow down and customers don't want to see me as much. And due to the lack of a computer to travel with, up loading pictures will come at less regular intervals for present time. And just for the record...I flipp'in snowed on me Wednesday....Snow in June. I have pictures to prove it. Stay tuned.