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Silly me!

Thursday is take you child to work day.

All this time I thought it was...put your child to work day....silly me!

You should have seen the look on the tween's faces when I told them...SO, you still have to do the chores.


Domestic Zen said…
I think we should lobby the change the name officially -
Travel said…
Take to work, put to work, my father would not have seen the diference. Work builds character and character education is important.

Me said…
I like the 'put your child to work day' better myself.

However; I had no idea today was that day. I think my husbands eyes would pop out if I sent any of the children with him to work.
WickedHamster said…
These darned child labor laws prevent people from learning useful and salable skills! No wonder we have so much unemployment! Misguided social policy, that's what it is!
Kelsgarden said…
apparently the govenor has changed the day to May 22nd next year - the date currently wrecks havoc on the state testing window

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