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Don't ask how we got to this point, just accept that fact that we did.

Small Rodent one = SR1
Small Rodent two = SR2

ME: Speaking of Mas Tequila, who sang the song and what band was he in. I will accept any one of the three..

SM2: Nirvana?

ME: Close, you see the singer did sing in a band whose lead guitar player went on to play for a band from Seattle that in 1981 was the opening band for one of the other bands that the singer was in.

ME: clue...he is called the "Red Rocker"

DW: David Lee Roth??

ME: Very close, although this is the only singer for Van Halen, most consider the other guy to have replaced Roth.

DW: Sammy Hagar?

ME: We have a winner.

SM1: So what does Sammy Hagar have to do with Seattle?

ME: Well in his early days he sang for Montrose with Ronnie Montrose in the band. Ronnie Montrose later went on to play for a band called Black and Blue out of Seattle who was the opening act for Van Halan in 1981. Sammy later went on to be the lead singer for Van Hagar in the '90s.

It was at this point the DW walked out of the room muttering something about cultural literacy or misspent youth....


WickedHamster said…
Ah yes... the ol' "6 degrees of Seattle" game! So who got the shot of tequila in the end???
Travel said…
My mother tells my father that being a good pool player is the sign of a misspent youth.

WickedHamster said…
I forget, DG, was it your grandfather or great-grandfather that owned the pool hall in Detroit?

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