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On the topic of kids

And we are obviously buying less and conscious of all our choices - escaping the consumerism of elaborate do-it-yourself decor and prepared cuisine, the soccer mom mystique, and the bored, lazy, 'gimme' kids. Sometimes a quote comes along that really fits the way you think and live. This is one of those quotes, and the best part is that it comes from my DW. When you spoil you kids with love and a learning environment, no problem. I do believe that some parents do really take care of their kids and teach them to be strong non-whining adults that work to support themselves and intern teach the next generation to do the same. Then there is the rest of the parents that are raising whining think that they deserve everything but don't want to work for it spoiled brats that will complain about the government full time, but are the first ones there with their hands out and still think the should get more.... assbites! Then again some people complain about the way we raise our k

Silly me!

Thursday is take you child to work day. All this time I thought it was...put your child to work day....silly me! You should have seen the look on the tween's faces when I told them...SO, you still have to do the chores.

Then and now

Then..... Now.... I do find the new steed to be a little easier to see over the wheel.

Almost a real mountain

Living in the great Northwest allows the viewing of many mountains during one's travels. I love the Portland area except for the fact that Mt Hood is just such a poor excuse for a real mountain. It is a nice mountain as mountains go, the fact is that it's just there. Then we have day's like today where one truly sees Mt Hood as she is and one must admit what a fine mountain she is. Disclaimer: These pictures were taken through a dirty front windscreen while traveling at a high rate of speed and at a distance of approximately 100 miles from the mountain.


I know that you can't really see it, but trust me it is there. the middle of April and I'm driving in it on my way to Coville Washington.


Don't ask how we got to this point, just accept that fact that we did. Small Rodent one = SR1 Small Rodent two = SR2 ME: Speaking of Mas Tequila, who sang the song and what band was he in. I will accept any one of the three.. SM2: Nirvana? ME: Close, you see the singer did sing in a band whose lead guitar player went on to play for a band from Seattle that in 1981 was the opening band for one of the other bands that the singer was in. ME: clue...he is called the "Red Rocker" DW: David Lee Roth?? ME: Very close, although this is the only singer for Van Halen, most consider the other guy to have replaced Roth. DW: Sammy Hagar? ME: We have a winner. SM1: So what does Sammy Hagar have to do with Seattle? ME: Well in his early days he sang for Montrose with Ronnie Montrose in the band. Ronnie Montrose later went on to play for a band called Black and Blue out of Seattle who was the opening act for Van Halan in 1981. Sammy later went on to be the lead singer for V