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WTF people...

Just when I thought that I could put the winter hat away for the season....

I end up driving home in this crap!

Snow you say...It's almost April for someones sake.....

What does one have to do to get out of the snow?

I may need to get a smaller hat and deal with it.

An update on the "Candy Land Bakery"...well I took the small rodents to the bakery this weekend to prove that I don't make this stuff up as I go along. As I pull up to the bakery, the nice little yellow ginger bread decorated house, I hear from the back seat of the new steed, "O snap, I was sure he was making that one up". This proves my theory of stories, prove them when you can and baffle them when you can't.


Travel said…
Go south little fuzzy one, go south!

Me said…
We took the exact same photo last weekend. :)

LOVE that hat. Of course, if you take fashion notes from my son you would know that you don't have to put away the winter hats just because it's not winter anymore. The nut wears them even in the summer when it's 90 degrees!

And last year after harping on him and telling him how stupid it looked I ran into a mother and teenage son in the grocery store and guess what he had on? Sigh. A baseball cap turned to the side with a winter hat on top of the baseball hat.

He won.
I lost.

But the point is... you don't have to pack away the hat.
Rogue Squirrel said…
If you cut some eye holes in your hat, you'd look like that one guy on "Fat Albert"
WickedHamster said…
Quel joli chapeau!

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