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I'm doing the best furry Jig that I can and still nothing....nothing I tell you. Oh why can't I come up with anything funny or practical to say????

DW is still happy that I'm home more. I guess I lost the bet on that one. I said three weeks, four tops and she would be begging me to go back on the road. But, for now she is still happy. At least as happy as wives can get.

No little Squirrel as of yet. I'm calling everyday around the 9am hour as daddy Squirrel does not get up before then to get the latest update. I should start backing that time up so that he gets used to getting up earler.

Our other house sold today. Wahooo on that one.

I think that DW and Meritt should get together sometime. Although I must admit I do believe that the universe as we know it might end.

I've picked out the restaurant and coffee shop for when TR and WH come to the Northwest. One must return the favor of the great time that I had when I had dinner in their home state. I would expect that Rogue Squirrel might attend the festivities.

I tried to send Meritt pizza the other day and didn't make it happen, so I should send her coffee beans instead. Why you ask, why not? One does wonder if she has a grinder? I guess that I could send them one bean at a time using UPS, that should crush them by the time it gets delivered.

I have 100 pink flamingo for the front yard of Squirrel to announce the arrival of the little Squirrel. I was worried that 100 might be over the top.......naaa.

See, I told you nothing.


WickedHamster said…
Blue to match your mood??? I would hardly say you got nothin' here. For pity's sake, the house sold!!! That deserved a post all by itself! Heck, in this market, it deserved a headline in the newspaper. Oooo! Restaurant and coffee shop, with Sq. in tow, we're definitely coming now! And yes, flamingos are socially correct for the occasion, and 100 is the number currently in fashion. Oh WC, you're so on top of the trends! Post pix!!!
Anonymous said…
I love the new color scheme, the green was so green, green is my brother's favorite color, he wore it everyday for years and years and years.

The house sold, happy days are on the way.

I need to make some travel plans, how far from Seattle? TR wants to see the other arctic, ships leave from Seattle.

Rogue Squirrel said…
What about a 100 beer bottles? We need to start Baby Squirrel off right early.
WickedHamster said…
That was his first idea, but the bottles mysteriously turned up empty...
Me said…
I cannot believe selling the other home warranted one small sentence.


and of COURSE MERITT HAS A COFFEE GRINDER YOU NUT! (except it just so happens it is 8 years old, has been dropped on the floor a couple times by un-named children and a plastic piece is broken so she was honestly going to be ordering a new one from Amazon some time in the next day or two.)
WickedHamster said…
Don't mention nuts. There might be squirrels around. And you know how they get...
Rogue Squirrel said…
NUTS!! Yee Haw!

Love the Blue by the way...

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