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Does anyone want a small child?

First kids are cute....just look a the little "poopie" and then someone puts smell into the poop and then you can't wait for the kid to use the toilet. But, they are still cute anyway. However, as they move into the tween years the cuteness starts to wear off and then you have teenagers and there is nothing cute about teenagers.

I'm talking with one such teenager tonight when the term "I know" comes out of her mouth. At this point Mom just walks away mumbling something about "since you know, well you can just do it yourself" or something along those line. The teenager in question starts yelling "that's not what I meant....I'm sorry...". At least that is what I heard, however, I'm not fluent in "teenager" and I made not have translated it correctly. I mention that she should not say "I know" to her mother. She replies to me that it's a bad habit that she is trying to break. And my response to her..."you have been saying it for the last 5 years, so you must not be trying very hard! Although you are very trying." As one might suspect, this did not go over very well. I do believe that I picked the wrong time to give up the road.

I had my first overnight travel this week. That make only two nights since I took the new job..wahoo! I do like my new endeavor as it gets me back to working with the customers more. It's sort of like a big game of Risk and the competition is the other player and you need to kill all of their army's and win.

I love my new steed although I do miss my black GMC. We had 86,000 miles of fun and games together. I still have the GMC as the old company has not come to get it yet. It is sitting in my old house that is up for sale, so I go over and sit in the drivers seat every now and again for old times sake. The new Toy is a fine running steed and she gets really bad fuel mileage. The sun roof is nice and I do like having four full size doors for the not so little ones to get in the back seat. The only really bad thing about the new steed is the fact that other drivers don't take me seriously in the truck. With the GMC I could bluff my way down the road and other drivers would move out of my way. With the Toy..they just laugh at me...crap crap I

I'm off to play with my Peeps and drink coffee.


Rogue Squirrel said…
Dude, what's with the pea soup decor? It makes me want to dust for vomit.

Not that you can dust for vomit, I just want to give it a try.
Travel said…
The green, he must have been eating the Peeps.

Kids, no thank you, I gave at the offfice.

Don't worry, the size of the truck does not matter, no really who cares?

WickedHamster said…
He's been spending so much more time around the DW, he's gone green.
Me said…
You didn't get your peeps played with... but if you hurry, hurry I can squeeze you in and no one will notice????? but like, only for the next 20 minutes or so.
WickedHamster said…
Moving off the topic of blog decor onto the actual topic of the post... 2 words: Convent School.
Kelsgarden said…
I had suggested pink for his new daddy blogger look -

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