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WTF people...

Just when I thought that I could put the winter hat away for the season.... I end up driving home in this crap! Snow you say...It's almost April for someones sake..... What does one have to do to get out of the snow? I may need to get a smaller hat and deal with it. An update on the " Candy Land Bakery "...well I took the small rodents to the bakery this weekend to prove that I don't make this stuff up as I go along. As I pull up to the bakery, the nice little yellow ginger bread decorated house, I hear from the back seat of the new steed, "O snap, I was sure he was making that one up". This proves my theory of stories, prove them when you can and baffle them when you can't.

I know that this will happen..

and just like a train wreck..I keep going back for more. I found a great little Gluten Free bakery today and purchased some nice little goodies for my children. Tonight I set up the little surprise with a nice drawn out tale of the bakery and how I taste tested all of these fine breads and such. EL: So dad, what is the name of the bakery? me: Candy Land Bakery Ray: no really, what's the name? me: CANDY LAND BAKERY, what do you think, I make this stuff up as I go along? Everyone: Yes. Herumph! Please note, My DW repeated the whole thing again just to make sure I got it. Double herumph!


I'm doing the best furry Jig that I can and still nothing....nothing I tell you. Oh why can't I come up with anything funny or practical to say???? DW is still happy that I'm home more. I guess I lost the bet on that one. I said three weeks, four tops and she would be begging me to go back on the road. But, for now she is still happy. At least as happy as wives can get. No little Squirrel as of yet. I'm calling everyday around the 9am hour as daddy Squirrel does not get up before then to get the latest update. I should start backing that time up so that he gets used to getting up earler. Our other house sold today. Wahooo on that one. I think that DW and Meritt should get together sometime. Although I must admit I do believe that the universe as we know it might end. I've picked out the restaurant and coffee shop for when TR and WH come to the Northwest. One must return the favor of the great time that I had when I had dinner in their home state. I would expect

Mr. Unwanted...after thought...alternate to composting...

As I arrive downstairs today to do my morning "daddy" stuff. I find that one of my small rodents has made me a sandwich for my lunch. I think to myself, how wonderful and nice my kids are. Only to have the larger of the rodents pop off, "I put mustard on that one by mistake and I don't like mustard, so I thought you could eat it". I love my kids I love my kids

Does anyone want a small child?

First kids are cute....just look a the little "poopie" and then someone puts smell into the poop and then you can't wait for the kid to use the toilet. But, they are still cute anyway. However, as they move into the tween years the cuteness starts to wear off and then you have teenagers and there is nothing cute about teenagers. I'm talking with one such teenager tonight when the term "I know" comes out of her mouth. At this point Mom just walks away mumbling something about "since you know, well you can just do it yourself" or something along those line. The teenager in question starts yelling "that's not what I meant....I'm sorry...". At least that is what I heard, however, I'm not fluent in "teenager" and I made not have translated it correctly. I mention that she should not say "I know" to her mother. She replies to me that it's a bad habit that she is trying to break. And my response to her...&quo