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The great white North....

The snow has arrived. My butt is getting cold. The road is always fun in the snow. HWY 2 in Washington near the summit. I loved the view out of my Hotel window in Leavenworth , WA. I just love this little place and it looks like I might be able to stay in this little town more as it is on the way from here to there.

This is just so wrong....

But, it does look good.

A river runs through it....

And everyone talks about how the mighty Mississippi is so large and wide. But, here is a view of the little old Columbia river looking north from Oregon to Washington. Yes, that is one river and the mountain range you see way in the distance is truly Washington state. And we have killer Seagulls that will take on anything in their path.

So, what is the view out of your office window?

I win!

First snow of the season...

Nice day for a drive in the back country.... This is not looking good..... Crap Crap I say... Can't we just wait for winter to get here before the snow starts? This is how the day began. Love the fall colors.... And the river runs through a very nice valley......

Back in the land of Laptops

Yes, I know have my own computer to use when I travel. Let the games begin. High points of the week: Getting inspected at the border crossing........AGAIN! Working with Paul again. The first snow of the season crossing over the pass on HWY 2 in Washington. (pictures to follow) Yep, it was a good week.

I just can't win.

Tonight DW had a class in downtown Portland and being the nice completely whipped DH that I am, I drove her down to the class and then went to pick her up. Getting her there was no big deal as I drove her right to the building that the class was in. I might add that I did get her there a hour early. We went for coffee and then I went home to wait to go back into Portland and pick her up. First off, I was not in the right spot to pick her up, so she had to walk a block to find me. Then on the way home, once we were on the freeway where 405 south bound splits to I5 north and south bound....all heck breaks loose when a small Toyota driven by a young lady decided to make a last minute lane change from south to north bound and the Dodge 4x4 with a 32 foot trailer that was driving way too the same lane....decided to do a little dance and block both lanes of traffic. Did I have my My question is this...If you are going to spend $40,000 plus for a trailer and $30,000

This might be a little over the top...not

A Rogue Ale press release: A limited release fresh-hop beer, Independence Hop Ale was brewed in two 50-barrel batches, following the harvest cycle of the hops. The first batch was brewed with 500 pounds of fresh, unkilned Centennial hops. The second was brewed a week later with 750 pounds of wet Cascade hops picked, stuffed into sacks, driven 77 miles to Newport and tossed in the brew kettle before they had a chance to start drying. After fermentation, the two batches were blended together. The result is a light copper-colored, unfiltered ale marrying the two distinctive hop characters of each batch.Independence Hop Ale is brewed with 8 ingredients: Two-row, Munich, Caramel Wheat and Carafoam malts, fresh, unkilned Centennial and Cascade hops, proprietary Pacman yeast and free range coastal water. I would like to point out the part in "bold" print. I'm all about giving one's self to the ale gods, but this takes it to a whole new level. As a Rogue Nation member

I feel like I'm in Blazing Saddles...

Picture the scene in the movie with the Governor responding to the question...Do I dare say... Dare , Dare .... I keep going back and looking at a mid-life type of "I'm going to catch hell" kind of dilemma. I have found a street rod type of 1963 BMW R69 bike. It has a custom front suspension with a Norton wind screen, Ducati fuel tank and period style saddle bags. The paint is black with red fogged into the tank around the leg rest. The frame is painted red to match the fogged in color on the tank and fenders. The engine is from a later model BMW 1000cc bike with custom built stainless steel spoke wheels. I'm to scared to even take pictures of it as DW has been a good sport listening to me talk about it. But, I do believe that if I start bringing home pictures of it I just might find myself sleeping with the worm in a bin. I don't really think I need or even want the bike. It really is pretty and needs a good home. I just am at that point when I think I should

World Domination Summit..Part two.

World Domination Summit..Part two. Yes, once again the Hamster party has met and confirmed that the Northwest is secure and accounted for by WC and RS. MonkeyDragon was there to take notes and document the at eleven....and rejoice with a nice Rogue Gin with a splash of soda water. WC went for the Rogue Rum, while Squirrel drank the Rogue 200 meter IPA with a I2PA chaser. TR drank a nice Juniper Pale Ale, also known as Yellow Snow Ale while the leader drank lemonade. The royal part did get to meet the next generation of the Hamster party members as both of my rodents and little Squirrel were there as well. Even the head of the Squirrel household was there to give us legal advise. TR and WH are two of the nicest guys one could spend time with, charming and down right funny. However, I will take the blame for not checking with the Tacoma Glass Museum to see if the the tour day was in fact the one day of the year when the museum is closed for it's big gala.

One does not live by bread alone.

I have no ideal why that comment comes to mind, other than the fact that I don't eat bread made from wheat and this is where the issue starts. Try and find a nice burger served on a bun not made from wheat flour, NOT going to happen. This is why I should own stock in Chipotle Grill as I eat there more than I do at home. When I travel it's Chipotle for lunch and it's Chiptle for dinner. You know you have been somewhere to often when you walk in and are asked if it will be the usual? And this happens in both Seattle and Portland locations. For those of you that are wondering, is Chipotle Grill Gluten free? The answerer is yes as long as you don't have the "hot" sauce and the flower wraps. On a side note, I took the littlest rodent with me on today's travels. All I can say is, OMG, does she ever stop talking? The answerer to that questions in a definite NO!

Thinking of the river...The Rogue River that is...

Most people don't think of the upper section of the Rogue as a place to go visit and think about life. I find that the upper section is full of visual poetry and calming sounds. This is a fun little drop to play in on a hot summer day or during the cold spring run off from Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake) This is another section of the Rogue that travels through a collapsed lava tube. Great fun in a inflatable kayak. I could sit for hours in the twilight and listen to the rushing water as it flow to the sea. The upper section of the Rogue is not seen or used by many as it is so close to Crater Lake that most everyone drives right by these sites. The real beauty here goes unseen by the masses. Any true Rogue Nation member knows these spots well...........Mr. Squirrel.


Did I mention that I was snowed on in June. I'm not overly fond of snow as it makes for a cold butt. Dreaming of the early days on the river. Spring run off always makes the rivers more fun. Out for a nice hike. As a Druid, one must always stop and spend time with the locals.

Life without a computer...

Means that you never know when a post might be in order. I have lots of pictures to show everyone, however, blogger does not seem to want to help with the upload of said pictures. Later maybe? For the month of June, I've been snowed on while traveling to Central Oregon, burnt in Northern California, blown away in Central and Eastern Washington. Good times have been had by all. So, on the topic of computers, does anyone have any input on what I should get for myself and for the oldest rodent in the house? I will be using mine for work and goofing off. Oldest rodent will be using it for high school class work. The garden tour is just 2 weeks away and I have so much to do. I think that I shall drink from the Rogue Rum bottle and sit back and enjoy what we have done so far and ignore the rest. It's not that I really drink rum or even want to drink rum. It just sounds good to drink rum with a umbrella in the back yard.

On the road again.

Since taking a new position this spring, I have enjoyed the lack of travel that came with the change flow of life. However, all good things seem short lived as I must now start traveling again on a somewhat regular basis's. The travel will be one to two nights a week during the summer months and then I can go back to less travel come the winter months when sales slow down and customers don't want to see me as much. And due to the lack of a computer to travel with, up loading pictures will come at less regular intervals for present time. And just for the record...I flipp'in snowed on me Wednesday....Snow in June. I have pictures to prove it. Stay tuned.

In all of the excitement of last week....

of my sweet DW turning 29 again. It seems that one furry little rodent has tried to forget the pending doom of another Birthday in the woodland creature house. But thanks to friends in the blogging world, not going to happen. 1st Birthday in a new house, job, and stage of my life. Just how does that change anything that is going on or the point of view at which you look at things in your life? The does not change a thing! Who has time to contemplate life, the universe, and everything? We all know that the answer is 42 and I good with that. Thank you to my littlest rodent for making me breakfast today. I had a very nice omelet with toast. And the omelet was fluffy just the way it should be. I have Rogue Hazelnut spiced Rum, and Tequila if I should decide that I want to celebrate with a little drink later tonight. Birthday plans for the weekend. I will be working in the yard all day Saturday on the drip system for watering the plants. And Sunday, mow the lawn, pull weeds

I want....

A nice new toy to play with.... But I'm getting a I'm so lucky......No wait, DW is going to be the lucky one as this is to replace her computer.

Blogging from the lobby

At a Holiday Inn Express Sunny/Raining/Sunny Washington. Nothing to report at the moment. Question: Why do things break as soon as I leave town? DW's putter dies just as I'm about 3 hours away. CRAP!

I humble summit for the theme song for the new world order

Hey Brother Christian with your high and might errand, Your actions speak so loud, I can't hear a word you're saying. Hey Sister Bleeding Heart with all of your compassion, Your labors soothe the hurt but can't assuage temptation. Hey man of science with your perfect rules of measure, Can you improve this place with the data that you gather? Hey Mother Mercy can your loins bear fruit forever? Is your fecundity a trammel or a treasure? And I want to conquer the world, Give all the idiots a brand new religion, Put an end to poverty, uncleanliness and toil, Promote equality in all my decisions With a quick wink of the eye And a "God you must be joking!" Hey Mr. Diplomat with your worldly aspirations, Did you see the children cry when you left them at the station? Hey moral soldier you've got righteous proclamation, And precious tomes to fuel your pulpy conflagrations. And I want to conquer the world, Give all the idiots a brand new religion, Put an end to poverty

And did I mention?

The entertainment? The exercise room with a pool?

Room 42

As we all know...42 is the answerer to life, the universe and everything. This was a good sign. I wish they would lower the mirrors to accommodate woodland creatures. Somebody get me a rope. I need out of here.

One old Woodchuck

Is smitten with a little Squirrel.... She is so bad they have to grow up.

Sometimes it sucks to travel...

Things are not looking so good. One might say this looks like crap. Crap I say Crap...Crap I say! And yes, this is the view out the front windscreen.

On the topic of kids

And we are obviously buying less and conscious of all our choices - escaping the consumerism of elaborate do-it-yourself decor and prepared cuisine, the soccer mom mystique, and the bored, lazy, 'gimme' kids. Sometimes a quote comes along that really fits the way you think and live. This is one of those quotes, and the best part is that it comes from my DW. When you spoil you kids with love and a learning environment, no problem. I do believe that some parents do really take care of their kids and teach them to be strong non-whining adults that work to support themselves and intern teach the next generation to do the same. Then there is the rest of the parents that are raising whining think that they deserve everything but don't want to work for it spoiled brats that will complain about the government full time, but are the first ones there with their hands out and still think the should get more.... assbites! Then again some people complain about the way we raise our k

Silly me!

Thursday is take you child to work day. All this time I thought it was...put your child to work day....silly me! You should have seen the look on the tween's faces when I told them...SO, you still have to do the chores.

Then and now

Then..... Now.... I do find the new steed to be a little easier to see over the wheel.

Almost a real mountain

Living in the great Northwest allows the viewing of many mountains during one's travels. I love the Portland area except for the fact that Mt Hood is just such a poor excuse for a real mountain. It is a nice mountain as mountains go, the fact is that it's just there. Then we have day's like today where one truly sees Mt Hood as she is and one must admit what a fine mountain she is. Disclaimer: These pictures were taken through a dirty front windscreen while traveling at a high rate of speed and at a distance of approximately 100 miles from the mountain.


I know that you can't really see it, but trust me it is there. the middle of April and I'm driving in it on my way to Coville Washington.


Don't ask how we got to this point, just accept that fact that we did. Small Rodent one = SR1 Small Rodent two = SR2 ME: Speaking of Mas Tequila, who sang the song and what band was he in. I will accept any one of the three.. SM2: Nirvana? ME: Close, you see the singer did sing in a band whose lead guitar player went on to play for a band from Seattle that in 1981 was the opening band for one of the other bands that the singer was in. ME: clue...he is called the "Red Rocker" DW: David Lee Roth?? ME: Very close, although this is the only singer for Van Halen, most consider the other guy to have replaced Roth. DW: Sammy Hagar? ME: We have a winner. SM1: So what does Sammy Hagar have to do with Seattle? ME: Well in his early days he sang for Montrose with Ronnie Montrose in the band. Ronnie Montrose later went on to play for a band called Black and Blue out of Seattle who was the opening act for Van Halan in 1981. Sammy later went on to be the lead singer for V

WTF people...

Just when I thought that I could put the winter hat away for the season.... I end up driving home in this crap! Snow you say...It's almost April for someones sake..... What does one have to do to get out of the snow? I may need to get a smaller hat and deal with it. An update on the " Candy Land Bakery "...well I took the small rodents to the bakery this weekend to prove that I don't make this stuff up as I go along. As I pull up to the bakery, the nice little yellow ginger bread decorated house, I hear from the back seat of the new steed, "O snap, I was sure he was making that one up". This proves my theory of stories, prove them when you can and baffle them when you can't.

I know that this will happen..

and just like a train wreck..I keep going back for more. I found a great little Gluten Free bakery today and purchased some nice little goodies for my children. Tonight I set up the little surprise with a nice drawn out tale of the bakery and how I taste tested all of these fine breads and such. EL: So dad, what is the name of the bakery? me: Candy Land Bakery Ray: no really, what's the name? me: CANDY LAND BAKERY, what do you think, I make this stuff up as I go along? Everyone: Yes. Herumph! Please note, My DW repeated the whole thing again just to make sure I got it. Double herumph!


I'm doing the best furry Jig that I can and still nothing....nothing I tell you. Oh why can't I come up with anything funny or practical to say???? DW is still happy that I'm home more. I guess I lost the bet on that one. I said three weeks, four tops and she would be begging me to go back on the road. But, for now she is still happy. At least as happy as wives can get. No little Squirrel as of yet. I'm calling everyday around the 9am hour as daddy Squirrel does not get up before then to get the latest update. I should start backing that time up so that he gets used to getting up earler. Our other house sold today. Wahooo on that one. I think that DW and Meritt should get together sometime. Although I must admit I do believe that the universe as we know it might end. I've picked out the restaurant and coffee shop for when TR and WH come to the Northwest. One must return the favor of the great time that I had when I had dinner in their home state. I would expect

Mr. Unwanted...after thought...alternate to composting...

As I arrive downstairs today to do my morning "daddy" stuff. I find that one of my small rodents has made me a sandwich for my lunch. I think to myself, how wonderful and nice my kids are. Only to have the larger of the rodents pop off, "I put mustard on that one by mistake and I don't like mustard, so I thought you could eat it". I love my kids I love my kids

Does anyone want a small child?

First kids are cute....just look a the little "poopie" and then someone puts smell into the poop and then you can't wait for the kid to use the toilet. But, they are still cute anyway. However, as they move into the tween years the cuteness starts to wear off and then you have teenagers and there is nothing cute about teenagers. I'm talking with one such teenager tonight when the term "I know" comes out of her mouth. At this point Mom just walks away mumbling something about "since you know, well you can just do it yourself" or something along those line. The teenager in question starts yelling "that's not what I meant....I'm sorry...". At least that is what I heard, however, I'm not fluent in "teenager" and I made not have translated it correctly. I mention that she should not say "I know" to her mother. She replies to me that it's a bad habit that she is trying to break. And my response to her...&quo

Need I say more?

You can't cut down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring – it just can't be done (honest). The most dangerous of animals is a clever sheep Never trust strangers in suits of armour carrying chickens European swallows don't migrate Coconuts don’t migrate. Albatross: 1. (n) A web-footed bird, of the genus Diomedea, of which there are several species. They are the largest of sea birds, capable of long-continued flight, and are often seen at great distances from the land. They are found chiefly in the southern hemisphere. 2. (n) A sea bird flavoured refreshment sold in cinemas by a person who may (or may not) be a woman. You do not get wafers with albatrosses.

Last Time?

I sit here at the airport going through my normal routine waiting for my flight to California. I'm looking around and relize that this will be my last time here for a while. As many of you know, I've resigned my position with my current employer and have decided to take a position with a company out of Canada. I will be traveling less and what travel I will do will be by truck. Changing jobs and moving from what I love to do to something that I'm sure to love just as much, but the unknow is always challageing at best. I'm looking foward to being home with my DW and kids (chickens not included) and trying to become domesticated. My flight calls...more soon.

This might get me into trouble...but's it is funny anyway!

RED SKELTON'S RECIPE FOR THE PERFECT MARRIAGE 1. Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant, have a little beverage, good food and companionship.............She goes on Tuesdays; I go on Fridays. 2. We also sleep in separate beds............Hers is in California, and mine is in Texas 3. I take my wife everywhere...........but she keeps finding her way back. 4. I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our anniversary. 'Somewhere I haven't been in a long time!' she said...........So I suggested the kitchen. 5. We always hold hands...........If I let go, she shops. 6. She has an electric blender, electric toaster and electric bread maker. She said 'There are too many gadgets, and no place to sit down!' So I bought her an electric chair. 7. My wife told me the car wasn't running well because there was water in the carburetor. I asked where the car was. She told me, 'In the lake.' 8. She got a mud pack, and looked great for two days........Then

If I'm going to help this guy....

I better get a bigger truck!

Day three

And just for the record, I had over 400 miles of this stuff. Or a lot worse that this depending on how you look at it. I'm not easy to intimidate when it comes to driving on snow. You might even say that I like driving on snow better than dry blacktop. Just ask Squirrel, he has been sideways more than once in the passengers seat. However, I was getting tired of snow this trip. Snow no matter where you go. At least the sun was out for part of the trip. Everything tends to look better covered in snow. Three days, 1585 miles total, over 400 on snow or ice. Good thing I had my eyes closed so much.