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Calling on the Troops...

Meritt wrote: I wish there was a little stuffed Meritt to go with you and see all these fabulous sights. Sigh. And then Squirrel wrote: I vote we start traveling with a coffee bean in honor of Meritt. I vote for a Starbucks Christmas Blend bean or a Mexican Double Dark from Trader Joes. Either one will fit the profile perfectly.Or we can try and find a Martha Stewart doll?I'll leave it up to WC. And then I wrote: Or we can try and find a Martha Stewart doll with a coffee bean... I'm in. Everyone start looking for one now and I'm thinking that after a year or so, we can send it to here with with pictures of where she has been. I need help on this one. Everyone start looking today and please help me find what we need to cheer up Meritt.

Last trip of the year-coming home

Very large fountain in the main part of downtown Idaho Falls, and the water is still running. Squirrel ready to work at anytime...ya right.... I'm not driving! I thought that you were driving? What do you mean that you have 50 miles of road closed due to weather? I don't care that you have 4 trucks messed up on the road, I just want to go home. And might I point out that at this point I was slowing down to 55 mph. Now this is more like it.

What did you do today?

A Woodchuck and a Squirrel drove through this.... And this.... Please note the two...that's two snow plows.. And did I mention this???? I-84 was closed today and we had to find a new route around the accidents to reach our final destination. We had to slow down due to the cows on the road. And last but not least.....

Just in case you counting?

3 Days 1500 miles plus miscellaneous mileage around town Starbucks every 300 miles or more as needed Snow and Ice...we have it all... must see two customers and fill as time allows Wahooo! And my trusty steed is dirty.....


The old Woodchuck and Squirrel are getting back on the road Monday. Pleased be warned and stay off the road in you are in Oregon or Idaho.......

Oh the thigs we do.

I don't normally do these type of things, but here goes. Four jobs you have had in your life: 1. Western Regional Trainer-Towing Products 2. NAPA Auto Parts, independent owner 3. Jaguar, Saab, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Parts sales 4. Semi-Truck driver 4.1. Bouncer at an Irish Pub Four movies you would watch over and over: 1. Anything Monty Python or Mel Brooks 2. Mad Max 3. Animal House 4. The Outlaw Jose Wales Four places you have lived: 1. LA, California 2. Auburn, WA. 3. Wilsonville, OR. 4. Tigard, OR. Four TV shows you love to watch: 1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2. Star Trek 3. Farscape 4. Benny Hill Four places you have been on vacation: 1. Rogue 2. Illinois 3. Snake 4. The White Salmon Four websites I visit daily: 1. 2. 3. 4. 4.1. And TR, WH and Meritt. Can't forget friends. Four of my favorite foods: 1.Brea