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So just where does time go?

I'm sitting here wondering what happens to "Time". I've started this post about dozen or so times in the last three weeks to no avail. The projects at work are getting longer and less fun to do. And my schedule is no longer my own to create. I'm at the whim of DA 1 or is that DA 2...anywhoo, and he is making sure that I don't have time to do my job. But, wait...does anyone really know what my job is? I sure don't as it keeps changing every time I check email.

Old Job:
I was working in the Western Region of the company which meant that I covered 15 western states and 1/2 of Canada. I was a technical resource for the District Sales force that worked in the Western Region. I did installs of our product and worked with the technicians in the field to overcome any problems. I solved issues and worked with customers to make them happy. I control my schedule to work with customers and District Sales Managers.

New Job:
I now travel the whole US and Canada. I'm not allowed to talk with customers. I don't do installs. Someone else sets my schedule. I'm not even allowed to clean my truck without written permission of the National Football League. OK, just kidding on the last one.

Travel for the last month and next month:

Seattle, WA.
Surrey, BC.
Houston, TX.
Three Rivers, Quebec
Sacramento, CA/Reno, NV/Boise, ID
Las Vegas, NV.
Billings, MT.

Let's start a new TV show, " Where in the World is Woodchuck"...OK, let's not.

On a bright note, I've lost over 20lbs on my Gluten Free diet over the last 3 months. At this rate, I just might fade away in 12-13 months....alright, 15 months, but who is counting?

So, back to time. Does anyone really have enough time to do what they want when they want how they want? I picked the wrong year to give up Rum. I don't drink Rum, never have drank Rum. But if it made Captain Jack Sparrow cool, why not me? I'm also back on Coffee, don't know why I ever left, Americano here I come.

The only thing keeping me going right now is that I have a great family, good health, and I'm waiting for new as to which country will be next for the picking in the glories empire of the Hamster.


WickedHamster said…
WE, The Hamster, rejoice most heartily to see Our good and right-trusty Woodchuck back again with us! At the same time, Our heart is rent at the thought of frustrating employ and underappreciation in the workplace(s)! I am half tempted to send out a detachment to smite the DA's involved! Yet We are again heartened to hear of the weight loss (Our own voluptuous person is down almost 60 lbs.) and that you have returned to coffee! Human beings were not meant to live without coffee. It's good for you.
Me said…
Sounds like you are having similar "What the heck am I doing?" issues. Of course I have two resignation letters in my purse this morning... LOL.

I miss talking with customers too - and answering the phone and being, well social - which is funny since I really hate people.

I'm wondering if perhaps you could start keeping an ear out for a position similar to your 'old' one so you could have more 'fun' in your job. Makes it more worthwhile being away from the wife and kids if you love what you're doing.
Kelsgarden said…
no comment
Travel said…
You have moved beyond manual labor, that is a good thing. You have lost control of your schedule, that is a bad thing. You have lost weight, that is a good thing and something I need to do. You have returned to the world of the cafinated, that is a very good thing. Hang on, how long can it be before the cafine kicks in and the DA gets promoted to chief tormentor of someone else?


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