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Where do I start?

Three weeks of MIA in the world of mayhem and outright silliness.

Let's recap the weeks, shall we?

Week one:

1700 miles.
6 Starbucks.
Las Vegas
116 degree, but it's a dry heat.

Week two:
200 miles
Still 116 degrees, and who the blimey cares that it is a dry heat?
5 Starbucks
Training on a new product line by a used car salesman. He has an answer for everything, even if it's made up on the spot.

Week three:
1600 miles
Starbucks...can't remember
I think that I've worn the fur off my butt from so much time in the truck.
Cooled down to 102 degrees. Still a dry heat and still nobody cares. It's hot...really hot...way too hot.

Week four:
Home this week. I need a nap.


Kelsgarden said…
there will be no naps for you young man! there is shrubbery to pull!
Woodchuck said…
I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK....come on you know the words...
Kelsgarden said…
I have a list and I am not afriad to use it . . .

remove bark
call arborist for compost connection, order
determine tree for parking strip, plant
wire lights to backyard
. . .
Anonymous said…
Find a nice quiet place and curl up for a few hours.

Me said…
Awww... but you took the time to tell me 'goodnight' on my blog last night! Yeah! You really ARE my friend. :)
WickedHamster said…
"He has an answer for everything, even if it's made up on the spot." And that, dear boy, is what made me who I am today!

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