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So where have all of the Woodchucks gone?

Let us just take a little look at the last few weeks, shall we?

I spent a few days in sunny and very hot (but it's a dry heat) Arizona.

And I'm on one of the largest tour attractions in the US and what do I take pictures of????

Why a new Aston Martin of course, what else would you expect?

And then there was this little road with all of these turns and very steep. I think it was in San Fransisco somewhere. My little black steed was as playful as a kitty that just could not wait to pounce on the fun. However I must admit that some of the people taking pictures were just a bit put out when I kept cutting the rear loose to make the turns. The tyres sound really good spinning on the brick.

Oh the fun of it all.


Kelsgarden said…
thank goodness I have your blog link or I would have no idea what happens during the week . . .
Woodchuck said…
Like I know what happens during the week?
Me said…
I wondered where you were......

So, I was noticing the bridge. Car? What car. Beautiful bridge though.


PS: Driving in San Fran? Ugh. Never. You are brave my friend, a brave soul indeed.
WickedHamster said…
Hey! That's not Arizona! You can't fool me. Everyone knows there aren't any trees in Arizona; it's just all like rocks and desert and stuff. (Loved the Aston! Heck, the bridge you can see anyinte, it's not going anywhere.)
Woodchuck said… has trees.
Travel said…
I drove a rented Hon-die (worn out, weak brakes, smelled of cigar smoke, someone was going to die) down Lombard street the first time I was in San Francisco.

Rogue Squirrel said…
I think DG wins the brave soul award. WC's truck is immaculately maintained.
WickedHamster said…
You think that's brave... have him tell you the story about the two of us going from Denver to Breckenridge in a 3-cyl. Daewoo. (Like 1 mile pretty much straight up, to fill in those who might live in Iowa.) And we were both much heavier then!
Travel said…
Wednesday is Bert's birthday, pass the word along!

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