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Do on to others..

The following names have been changed to protect the stupid:

When you manage people, one should always try to live by the rules they enforce on others. It just sets a good example.

So, when we(we as in the Training Team, all three members of it) had our weekly conference call today to go over our 15 minutes of material in one hour or more. The new boss decides to read DA1 the riot act because he has to get on an airplane to fly to where the boss (DA2) is sending him and only has 20 minutes to be on the call. After chewing DA1's butt for 5 minutes he then says "now, let's get back on topic because I have to leave soon for personal reasons". WTF are you talking about? DA1 can't use the excuse of flying and getting on an airplane, but you can use the excuse that you need personal time. Does this mean I can use the excuse that I'm fat so that I can take a 30 minute nap at 2pm everyday? Sorry, I can't travel because I'm doing something of great importance that does not involve work.

So, anyhoo. I had the large tree at the new house trimmed up by non other than Woodchuck's Tree Service. It seems being a Druid runs in the rodent gene. Mr. Woodchuck the tree guy did an outstanding job. The tree never looked better and should grow up nice and happy.

And to prove that I'm growing up, I started a project of fixing the front door lock and when I realized that I had no clue as to what I'm doing... I called a locksmith and had it repaired right the first time and did not have to pay extra for my screw up. Yep, that's me all grown up.

DA=Dumb Ass


Anonymous said…
Regarding the lock, I would have simply replaced it. I have given up on simeple repairs.

I am glad that I don't work for idiots.

Off to Atlanta in the morning, home on Saturday afternoon.

Kelsgarden said…
THAT lock is an ORIGINAL double locking BRASS system in perfect condition (according to my new locksmith Skyler) and the WC was a perfect gentleman backing away from the mechanism
Woodchuck said…
I can adjust a 4 link system on the rear of a street rod. Give me a lock and I'm lost.
Rogue Squirrel said…
I'd of used a bigger hammer.
Me said…
My neighbors just put in a tree on the corner this weekend (the same ones I was watching my hard spent dentist dollars spent on all the beautiful landscaping in their back yard... yes, they are our dentists).

And so I'm thinking - "Oh they are planting a tree" just like we planted 2 tree's in our yard and then put a little circle of mulch around it.

A couple hours later we return home to see they not only PLANT A TREE but it's a 2 layered berm with huge rocks and mulch, ornamental grasses and lavender... to a second layer with flowers and mulch and decorative border with paver stones... ugh. Beautiful. Suddenly our two little tree's with mulch were sadly lacking by comparison.

Travel said…
It is comming up on two weeks since your last post; we know you are still alive. Set asside the shovel and tell us what is happening in your life.


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