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So where have all of the Woodchucks gone?

Let us just take a little look at the last few weeks, shall we? I spent a few days in sunny and very hot (but it's a dry heat) Arizona. And I'm on one of the largest tour attractions in the US and what do I take pictures of???? Why a new Aston Martin of course, what else would you expect? And then there was this little road with all of these turns and very steep. I think it was in San Fransisco somewhere. My little black steed was as playful as a kitty that just could not wait to pounce on the fun. However I must admit that some of the people taking pictures were just a bit put out when I kept cutting the rear loose to make the turns. The tyres sound really good spinning on the brick. Oh the fun of it all.

Do on to others..

The following names have been changed to protect the stupid: When you manage people, one should always try to live by the rules they enforce on others. It just sets a good example. So, when we(we as in the Training Team, all three members of it) had our weekly conference call today to go over our 15 minutes of material in one hour or more. The new boss decides to read DA1 the riot act because he has to get on an airplane to fly to where the boss (DA2) is sending him and only has 20 minutes to be on the call. After chewing DA1's butt for 5 minutes he then says "now, let's get back on topic because I have to leave soon for personal reasons". WTF are you talking about? DA1 can't use the excuse of flying and getting on an airplane, but you can use the excuse that you need personal time. Does this mean I can use the excuse that I'm fat so that I can take a 30 minute nap at 2pm everyday? Sorry, I can't travel because I'm doing something of great importanc

Where do I start?

Three weeks of MIA in the world of mayhem and outright silliness. Let's recap the weeks, shall we? Week one: 1700 miles. 6 Starbucks. Reno Las Vegas Flagstaff Phoenix/Mesa 116 degree, but it's a dry heat. Week two: 200 miles Still 116 degrees, and who the blimey cares that it is a dry heat? 5 Starbucks Training on a new product line by a used car salesman. He has an answer for everything, even if it's made up on the spot. Week three: 1600 miles Starbucks...can't remember I think that I've worn the fur off my butt from so much time in the truck. Cooled down to 102 degrees. Still a dry heat and still nobody cares. It's hot...really hot...way too hot. Week four: Home this week. I need a nap.