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Why I hate flying anything other than Alaska.

Well Hello Mr. Woodchuck.

How are you today, Mr. Woodchuck?

Did you know that your flight has been canceled and that you are going to have the day from Hell, Mr. Woodchuck?

I must admit that the agent for Northwest Airlines was very nice and polite, however she still said those nasty words, "I'm sorry, your flight has been canceled today and we can't get you to where you want to go until tomorrow. I hope that this is not a inconvenience for you?"

Information that the reader might want to know at this point: It's 6:30am Eastern time in Detroit, MI and I'm suppose to get on an airplane at 9:00am and arrive in Portland, OR at 11:55 am Pacific time.

At this point I start the over one hour of witty banter with the agent about how Northwest Airlines is going to in fact get me to my destination today and not wait until tomorrow.

So, just why is the flight canceled I asked the agent in my clam sweet voice, to which she replies, weather. I'm not sure she was ready for me to pull out my cell phone and call the Alaska Airlines MVP hot line and ask if they were having any issues due to weather in Portland today? The answer was no at which point the agent for Northwest Airlines changed her story to, I'm not really sure, but it is canceled.

What did the agent and I talk about for over a hour while people were yelling for her to hurry up, why how she was going to get me to Portland of course.

Can you get me to, and why would you want to go to Denver, I thought that you wanted to go to Portland?...I have the Alaska agent on the phone and she can get me to Portland if you can get me to Denver.

Any where in

OK, let's make this easier...How about Montana, Oregon, Washington, California, or any other western state....I'm sorry Mr. Woodchuck, but I just can't seem to get you anywhere today.

And so the conversation went until a supervisor stopped by to speed things along and some how was able to get me a flight to Seattle later that same day. I would fly to Seattle and then take a shuttle flight on Horizon to Portland. Did I mention that the flight from Detroit to Seattle would be in first class? I arrive in Seattle at 2:30pm and run to get to the next gate only to realize that the agent in Detroit never gave me the ticket for the flight from Seattle to Portland. Now what this means is that I'm standing in the Seattle airport with not ticket for the flight from Seattle to Portland and no way of getting my checked bag as it's being sent to Portland on the flight that I can't board because of no ticket. However, if I would like to pay $200.00 for a ticket I can take my seat that already has my name on it.

Long story short, the agent at the Horizon customer service counter in Seattle calls the Northwest agent and gets the information on what is going on and get so mad at Northwest that she tells me that she will get my ticket or take it out of the Northwest agents hide and puts me on the plane to Portland without me having to pay for a new ticket.

I love Horizon and Alaska. All airlines have problems and cancel flights, but at least these two try to make it right and put customer service in customer service.

Northwest just announced that they are cutting back flights by the end of the month. I'm thinking, don't worry, if you keep this up nobody is going to fly with you and you can just cancel every flight all together.

For the record, I got home around 5:00pm instead of the 11:55am that I was hoping for.

Side note, IT seems that TSA just needed to go completely through my checked bag and the heavy greasy piece of steel that was wrapped in a plastic bag, well, let's just take it out of the bag and throw it back in. Nobody will care that the grease will get all over the nice new jeans or anything else in the bag. If you are going to go through someones bag and take stuff out of it's wrapping, put it BACK!


Kelsgarden said…
and we had a FABulous dinner at La Bottega in the NEW 'hood ;)
Me said…
I can't believe you are not a psycho killer after having to travel so much and deal with airport morons.

The greasy piece of steel? I know it's a lost cause but I'd write and complain and bitch them out. TSA workers are Dollar Store workers that put in their applications right before the big hire and no smarter than the burger flipper at Burger King. They THINK however, that since they have a security pass and a uniform that they are untouchable. I've heard of a lot of crap that they pull like your greasy mess and leaving nice little notes stuck inside the box of condoms in luggage, etc. Not to mention the smirks and such when patting down really pretty suspected terrorists.

They are ____ 's and need to be taken down a notch or two.

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