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Thanks to TR...

I drink coffee, therefore I exist.

No wait, that would be meritt.

I travel to fun places, therefore I exist.

No wait, that would be Travel.

I conquer Scotland, therefore I exist.

That would be Wickedhamster.

If I sat around the forest eating Bon Bons, would I exist?

And more important, are Twinkies Gluten free?


Kelsgarden said…
{apparently needing entire bottle of wine before blog roll}

still barefoot with dragonfly toe ring
WickedHamster said…
Egad! I just did the same Descartes thing responding to a comment you made on Travel's blog. That's just plain scary!

(4 crimson-velvet imperial slippers hand stitched in gold after designes by Bernini.)
Rogue Squirrel said…
I say you turn wrenches there for you exist. I, one the other hand drink...a lot...there for I'm destined for Rehab. I can only hope Lindsey Lohan is still there, at least I can have some eye candy when I start going through the DT's.

(Those cool slip on jester shoes with the curly toe and little bells on the ends, just because I can....)
Anonymous said…
Your electrons are still here.

Me said…
That depends. If you sat in the forest eating bon bons and you fell over but there is no one there to hear it... do you exist?

(If a tree falls in the forest.....)
Woodchuck said…
Just ask Squirrel, I do fall over...a lot... and I think I still exist.
Me said…
.... but only when you're drunk right? Oh wait. That's pretty much all the time.

Never mind.

Yes! Then you exist.
Woodchuck said…
I'll drink to that.

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