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Busted yet again

Now that we are POD people and all, I have to clean out the crawl space under 1/2 our house. The problem with this is that I sort of let DW think that there was very little to nothing left down there.


So now I'm picking up Cat crap as one of the furry little varmints started to live in the crawl space. I've moved out the eight pedal cars that were down there. I took what was left of the rafting/camping stuff over to fuzzballs place. And I really should call and tell him I did so, then again, maybe not. Now all I have to do is take down the shelves, finish taking the old store records out, and what else?

Deck lid...check
6 boxes of toys...check
road bike and trainer...check
neon beer signs.....check
old beer mirrors.....check
raft and gear....check
more old toys....double check

Why is all of my crap in the crawl space? Don't answer as that was a rhetorical question.

So in case I didn't mention this, we are moving, yes moving just 7.1 miles west of our current location.

I will be living in a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom. Just what the hell was I thinking here?

We should close in 10 business days or less.


Kelsgarden said…
please note new home does not have crawl space -

one car garage -

this is like tough love WC -
Me said…
10 days... my breath caught when I read that.

God Bless you guys. LOL. Such work!
Travel said…
Certainly you get to pave over the back yard in the new house and build a four car garage, with a full second story for storage, workshop, private office and the requisite second bath.

WickedHamster said…
{Kel seeing if she can unpack her penguin rifle...}
Rogue Squirrel said…
"requisite second bath."
Either that or he digs a pond. Yeah, the pond is good...
Woodchuck said…
ya, the pond is good....
Kelsgarden said…
"Certainly you get to pave over the back yard in the new house and build a four car garage, with a full second story for storage, workshop, private office and the requisite second bath."

Critical Auquifer Recharging Area :) 1900 foot buffer zone :) :)

no pavement :) :) :)
WickedHamster said…
"Critical Auquifer Recharging Area" Just have WC hook up a truck battery to it. That'll take care of it. (Real philosopher of nature type, ain't I?)
Travel said…
He can build up on stilts, place tons of crushed rock under the suspended structure to create permiable surface to recharge runoff from the whole block.

Of course, I think that our 11 by 40 foot back yard is too much yard to take care of.

Kelsgarden said…
yeah, I was going to ask you about that deck lid . . .

but I really didn't want to know

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