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The base in Yorkshire has been established.

We have heard from our leaders in England. Everyone wait for the signal and let the invasion begin!

Why I hate flying anything other than Alaska.

Well Hello Mr. Woodchuck. How are you today, Mr. Woodchuck? Did you know that your flight has been canceled and that you are going to have the day from Hell, Mr. Woodchuck? I must admit that the agent for Northwest Airlines was very nice and polite, however she still said those nasty words, "I'm sorry, your flight has been canceled today and we can't get you to where you want to go until tomorrow. I hope that this is not a inconvenience for you?" Information that the reader might want to know at this point: It's 6:30am Eastern time in Detroit, MI and I'm suppose to get on an airplane at 9:00am and arrive in Portland, OR at 11:55 am Pacific time. At this point I start the over one hour of witty banter with the agent about how Northwest Airlines is going to in fact get me to my destination today and not wait until tomorrow. So, just why is the flight canceled I asked the agent in my clam sweet voice, to which she replies, weather. I'm not sure she wa

Busted yet again

Now that we are POD people and all, I have to clean out the crawl space under 1/2 our house. The problem with this is that I sort of let DW think that there was very little to nothing left down there. SHE FOUND OUT THAT THERE IS STILL A TON OF CRAP DOWN THERE. So now I'm picking up Cat crap as one of the furry little varmints started to live in the crawl space. I've moved out the eight pedal cars that were down there. I took what was left of the rafting/camping stuff over to fuzzballs place. And I really should call and tell him I did so, then again, maybe not. Now all I have to do is take down the shelves, finish taking the old store records out, and what else? Deck lid...check 6 boxes of toys...check road bike and trainer...check neon beer signs.....check old beer mirrors.....check raft and gear....check more old toys....double check Why is all of my crap in the crawl space? Don't answer as that was a rhetorical question. So in case I didn't mention this, we are

Thanks to TR...

I drink coffee, therefore I exist. No wait, that would be meritt. I travel to fun places, therefore I exist. No wait, that would be Travel. I conquer Scotland, therefore I exist. That would be Wickedhamster. If I sat around the forest eating Bon Bons, would I exist? And more important, are Twinkies Gluten free?

The land of corn.

So, I might be able to check off another state as I have been told that I might be going to Iowa. Yes, me in the land of corn, lack of trees and as flat as the eye can see. What should a furry woodland creature do?

I really should

Slow Down......Then again, maybe not.