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And let the season begin....

I need a drink!

We have lost two, count them, two of the western region. My team is going away. It's just me and Squirrel left the hold the fort down. Well, we do have the newbie in Utah, jury is still out on him.

Let the drinking begin.


Rogue Squirrel said…
Dude, you better have not got into the Tres Generaciones without your little Squirrel buddy. Don't try to hide it, that does not look like your run of the mill Cuervo
Anonymous said…
I feel your pain, I have been doing the work of two for over a month now. We are interviewing for a new person on the 13th. There is little chance of anyone starting before July (I won't be there to train them most of the last two weeks of June.) I am glad I am going to be gone three weeks between the middle of July and the middle of August (I wonder who is going to keep my office from falling apart while I am taking TR to France?) Pour me another please!


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