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I'm so over snow..

The Snow can melt now....Anything more than a dusting and I'm up to my butt in snow and it does get cold. So, here we are at the end of June and I'm still playing in the snow. The snow is still about 3-4' deep at the summit of HWY 410 in Washington. Looking East from the summit. Going up to the summit. And one should always know where they have been. And where they are going. And thanks to HWY 123 being closed, I had a 150 mile detour instead of the 30 miles on HWY 123. Can someone say "CRAP"

New Music.

If you have not heard of this band, Tribe of Gypsies, you should really check them out. I am so going to find a way to go see them live on a trip to southern California. Sort of a Santana with a little heavy metal thrown in on the side. Roy Z is just great on the ax. This is the first new band, not really that new as unsigned, that has me really excited about music again. So, what was the last band that really made a difference to you? What band really made you want to go right out and buy their CD? What band are you planning to fly or drive 1200 miles each way to see live?

Sunny California...not.

It's not rain, but fog in the middle of June and at mid day at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was sunny in Oakland and then it was sunny in Santa Rosa, but not here.

Only in California.

Do you really get to see cars like this on the road as a daily driver. I also was able to see a Sunbeam Tiger, very nice. Two Lamborghini's, a 1962 Corvette, and three Ferrari's. There are a few good points to going to sunny California. Update: And then I get back to Portland....

What did you do today?

611 miles in 9 hours including stops for fuel and such. Starbucks=0 What, no Starbucks? I have found a great little place in Whitefish that has the best coffee and tea. Fuel stops=1 My little steed will do over 400 miles on a tank of fuel. Piddle stop=TMI!

Why I love Montana.

Hwy 200 looking North about 60 miles from Missoula. Middle of BF Egypt on the East side of Glacier National Park on the way to St. Mary. Look West at the East side of Glacier National Park. South East corner of Glacier National Park off Hwy 49. Can't remember...brain over load.

Just when you thought it was safe...

to come out of the freezer...You run into TR's big brother. Also in the news...It seems that our training camp in German has been found. Time to move the troops to Scotland.

On the road again.

Leave on Wednesday for Spokane and Missoula. Thursday on to Great Falls and Whitefish/Kalispell Friday in Whitefish and Kalispell Saturday in Kalispell and then a sort 9 hour drive home. I think that I'm getting worn out just thinking about it.

So where did you go today?

Deception Pass, Washington. Looks like a nice place to Bungee jump. As the tide moves out the water flow can reach 5-6 knots through this little water way. Good day to lay around in the sun. These flowers were everywhere. I'm talking everywhere! And most of the blooms had not opened as of yet. On the Ferry from Keystone to Port Townsend. The open sea for me, OK at least a really big inland part of the sea.

And let the season begin....

I need a drink! We have lost two, count them, two of the western region. My team is going away. It's just me and Squirrel left the hold the fort down. Well, we do have the newbie in Utah, jury is still out on him. Let the drinking begin.

Thanks to Travel

So, where have you been this year? visited 19 states (37%) I will be in at least 3 more states and 4 Canadian Providences.

Mr. Squirrel...Be warned

Do not say you haven't been warned little furry creature!!!!

Today was a good day.

You know when you have one of those days that are good, do I dare say great? So, why is it a good day, glad you asked? I have , OK, we have this customer who is a major pain in the ass and is a complete moron. Anyhoo, today I was able to tell him that he is a complete moron and I did without pissing everyone off in doing so. I just love it when you get to make someone look like the complete ass that they are, in public no less. Yes, today is a good day. The lesson to be learned here is: Don't back me into a corner and then piss me off. So how was your day?