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Where do I live?

I was just looking at my schedule for the last month, I have spent more days in different time zones than my own.

I want to go home.

I will be home for 2 weeks because I have jury duty. Let's see if I have this straight, answer to all questions, hang them all, I think that is how it goes?

I fell just like Frankie at the end of the Rocky Horror Picture Show singing that great song, I'm coming home.


Me said…
It's rather cool (?) that I woke up this morning thinking about how badly my brother wants to come home and that put the song "I Want to Go Home" in my head (by Michael Buble).

I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW and then I read your post. ;)

2 weeks of jury duty is going to feel like a vacation for you!
WickedHamster said…
My set line for jury duty is: "Well, the police wouldn't arrest someone unless they were doing SOMETHING wrong, would they?" Defense attorneys usually remove me at that point.
Woodchuck said…
"Well, the police wouldn't arrest someone unless they were doing SOMETHING wrong, would they?"

I'm going to use that one.
Travel said…
What if it is a civil case?

Don't worry I had jury duty a few years back, sent one guy to jail for a couple of months of getting stoned and driving into parked cars, freighted another into a guilty plea, and let the judge through a school teacher out of her home for not paying the rent. All in a days work, they got everything that they paid for.


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