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I want to know what is happing here?

I've been home now for 2 weeks and I've been working harder than when I'm on the road. Crap.
I thought when you come home you were suppose to play and enjoy the Squirrels doing acrobatics in the back yard.

I have my own little circus in the back yard with the furry woodland creatures jumping from trees and wrestling with each other.

Today would be a good day for a Farscape marathon. I might just close my eyes and do the Runaway Ralph thing and imagine that I'm at the Brickyard battling it out for number one.


Anonymous said…
Convicted or evicted anyone?


(New posting on Travel Penguin this morning.)
Me said…
Did you end up with a trial that could keep you on duty for 4 months??? :)

Oh - and the 'work' thing while you are at home... can I tell Coffeehusband THAT is what husbands are supposed to do? I don't think he got that memo. ;)

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