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Fish tacos???

As many of you know, travel is all about finding the perfect I2PA or in chases a very nice meed will do in a pinch. There has and always will be the underlining need for food. And yes dear readers, fish tacos are the perfect food to go along with an I2PA.

Fish Taco: A hard or soft taco made with Cod or preferable Halibut, a nice spice sauce(either red or white in color), cabbage and cheese.

One must remember that all fish tacos are not created equally. Some are nothing more than "fast food", some have the time and care needed to be a true classic, but still miss the mark. A true fish taco is a work of art that needs to be cared for and brought to the table with love and served hot.

So where would go to get the best in fish tacos?

1. The Old Post in Missoula, MT. is a fine place to get you fish taco fix. You can chose from different types of fish, or live on the edge and go for a blacken fish taco. They also have Rogue and Big Sky brewing on tap.

2. Any of the Rogue Brewing joints. Served as a build your own, very nice.

3. Taco Del Mar located all over the place. The fish burrito is very good as well. This is more of a healthy fast food type of fish taco, but still very good. Go for the hot sauce on this one along with the white sauce.

From my limited travel around the good old US, I've come to think of fish tacos as a West Coast thing. When I'm back east I find that most everyone just gives me the deer in the head light look when I ask for a fish taco.


Travel said…
Can I find good fish tacos in San Diego? We are going to be there for a few days around Thanksgiving. Fish Tacos are a natural for penguins and other flightless water fowl.

WickedHamster said…
Very much a west coast, indeed a SoCal surf-culture, invention. I have heard of them, and they sound delicious. I believe lime is also an ingredient south of you. I had one somewhere out here, and could tell as soon as I got it that it was a bad attempt. I too am looking forward to having the real thing in San Doego; pity I have to wait till November for it...
Me said…
Fish taco's have been 'tried' around the country but they fizzle out quick. Funny, I lived in Southern Cal back when they were 'first' being tried there. I was in Laguna Nigel when they were making a big fuss about the "NEW Fish Tacos!" and I said "ewwww" and didn't try it. :)
Rogue Squirrel said…
Never fear the blackened Ahi tuna version of the fish taco at a local chain in the Seattle area called Canyons. Spicy, usually cooked medium rare........

Sorry, started drooling on my keyboard.

And it wasn't from the Brewtus glasses of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale I had with dinner.

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