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Fish tacos???

As many of you know, travel is all about finding the perfect I2PA or in chases a very nice meed will do in a pinch. There has and always will be the underlining need for food. And yes dear readers, fish tacos are the perfect food to go along with an I2PA. Fish Taco: A hard or soft taco made with Cod or preferable Halibut, a nice spice sauce(either red or white in color), cabbage and cheese. One must remember that all fish tacos are not created equally. Some are nothing more than "fast food", some have the time and care needed to be a true classic, but still miss the mark. A true fish taco is a work of art that needs to be cared for and brought to the table with love and served hot. So where would go to get the best in fish tacos? 1. The Old Post in Missoula, MT. is a fine place to get you fish taco fix. You can chose from different types of fish, or live on the edge and go for a blacken fish taco. They also have Rogue and Big Sky brewing on tap. 2. Any of the Rogue B

I want to know what is happing here?

I've been home now for 2 weeks and I've been working harder than when I'm on the road. Crap. I thought when you come home you were suppose to play and enjoy the Squirrels doing acrobatics in the back yard. I have my own little circus in the back yard with the furry woodland creatures jumping from trees and wrestling with each other. Today would be a good day for a Farscape marathon. I might just close my eyes and do the Runaway Ralph thing and imagine that I'm at the Brickyard battling it out for number one.

A cooking Woodchuck.

It' s a little know fact, Woodchucks can cook. On the little trip to the cabin by the lake, I did indeed do all of the cooking. The big question is, "Can he cook"? Well, one does not get this fat on Twinkies alone. How would you like you Omelet?

Getting back to native ground

We went away for the weekend with the little rodents to a nice cabin on a lake about an hour or so drive from the house. Nice a peaceful and plenty of trees to run around. Or run over on the bike. It took me about 2 hours to climb 3000' on the logging road....and about 30 minutes to come down on the trail.

Where do I live?

I was just looking at my schedule for the last month, I have spent more days in different time zones than my own. I want to go home. I will be home for 2 weeks because I have jury duty. Let's see if I have this straight, answer to all questions, hang them all, I think that is how it goes? I fell just like Frankie at the end of the Rocky Horror Picture Show singing that great song, I'm coming home.

My Kitty

My little cat passed away on Monday. She was with us for almost 16 years and I was not there to say goodby. I'm at a loss for words.