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The fur is in a fluff.

I'm sitting here just thinking about the Imus thing. Just what the hell was the idiot thinking when he pops off with that kind of comment? I don't like the guy anyway, but to each his own, right? This just goes way off the charts, even for a dumb ass, knot headed, small minded, holy er than thou, I have a small penis moron. Now Rev. Jessie Jackson is getting into the ring for his 200th 15 minutes of fame and starts going off on how "Blacks" are not in the media and in positions of power. Cut me some slack here, I mean can anyone tell me the name of the coach that won the Super Bowl this year, other than the fact that he was Black? Who gives a crap if the guy is black or not, can't we just say he was the best coach and great guy who knows how to win games? Maybe if he was Orange with blue dots I would have given a crap about how he looks, but no, he was just the best coach for that season. I'm fat and Bald, so I want special access to the car pool lane, ya like that's going to happen.

And on Imus, fire his ass and replace him with someone funny, intelligent, and socially responsible regardless of color, race, or underwear preference.

I'm off to Harrisburg, PA. next week and Springfield, MA. for some training sessions.

I was trying to rent a car to transport myself from Springfield to Boston so that I can fly out of Boston on direct flight to Seattle instead of flying out of Hartford and having 2 or more stops and taking 12 hours. But, it seems that you can not rent a car in Springfield and drive to Boston and drop it off as it's 96 miles and it's to far to have a one way rental. OK, so I will take the shuttle, $220.00 for a hour and a half ride, I think not. Since when did 96 miles become a long distant? I consider the 15 hour drive to Billings, MT. just a normal days commute. It's 96 miles, just rent me the flippen car.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Kelsgarden said…
you are flying out Sunday? right?

we may need a break here . . .
Me said…
96 miles is about what my husband drives to and from work every day. I'm with you - 15 hours is a distance drive. Not 100 miles.

As for Imus... the media is just keeping something alive that would have died out naturally if we didn't have a pathetic existance where real and intelligent news gets pushed aside for anything with shock value or having to do with anyone in Hollywood.
WickedHamster said…
Well, WC, if it's any consolation to you, I agree entirely -- amd I'm a professional philologist. The global tyrant in me tends to lay the blame on excessive freedom. I have problems with the first amendment, frankly, since it mainly seems to assure that any yahoo can yell in my ear for as long as he/she wants and I have to put up with it. The thing that really galls me is how the professional media have become their own little club controlling reactions to themselves. Pat Buchanan has said some things that would get any number of people fired, but since he's part of the DC media club, he's just one of the boys and gets welcomed even on PBS. "Oh that's just at being Pat." Bob Novak leaked Valerie Plame's identity and absolutely no one in mainstream media called him on it, because "he didn't know" her working for the CIA was a secret. Cut me a break! So far, the only people I've heard say outright that Imus shouldn't be fired are white journalists. "Oh, that's just Imus being Imus." Yeah... going to the Club this afternoon old chap? We were better off in th days of the divine right of kings, I swear.
Woodchuck said…
Or Furry Global Tyrants.
WickedHamster said…
In my world, complete and unfettered freedom of speech would be absolutely guaranteed... to those who actually had something to say!
Anonymous said…
Here, here! Imus got the axe, not we need to round up Rush, Stern and few other nut cases and pull the plug on thier microphones rather then giving them millions of dollars and overlooking thier endless trangressions.

96 miles and they won't rent a car one way? I am in the process of reserving a one way rental in France in August and no one has objected to a one way rental as long as I don't object to the price.

Bert said…
Imus? help out a poor ignorant Brit.

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