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Just my size

When you go to a large city for the first time, like Washington, DC., it's nice to have someone to ask for directions when you need them. This fine gentleman was very helpful. And if there is no one around to ask, stop and have coffee or an ale at a nice sidewalk cafe.

No Pink Elephant here

Did anyone get the name of that run away Rogue bottle?

The fur is in a fluff.

I'm sitting here just thinking about the Imus thing. Just what the hell was the idiot thinking when he pops off with that kind of comment? I don't like the guy anyway, but to each his own, right? This just goes way off the charts, even for a dumb ass, knot headed, small minded, holy er than thou, I have a small penis moron. Now Rev. Jessie Jackson is getting into the ring for his 200th 15 minutes of fame and starts going off on how "Blacks" are not in the media and in positions of power. Cut me some slack here, I mean can anyone tell me the name of the coach that won the Super Bowl this year, other than the fact that he was Black? Who gives a crap if the guy is black or not, can't we just say he was the best coach and great guy who knows how to win games? Maybe if he was Orange with blue dots I would have given a crap about how he looks, but no, he was just the best coach for that season. I'm fat and Bald, so I want special access to the car pool lane, ya like

Darth Woodchuck

May the force be with you on the invasion of Scotland.

April Fools....

OK, a few days late. We stopped in at the Capital Brewing for a wee pint of IPA. Very nice for East Coast. I tend to forget that most everything east of the Rocky's is light on the hops. The food was very good and the smell of a beer joint is something that I was missing. Sort of homesick you might say. "Hops, never leave home without them", that is what I always say.

And the Tour Begins

Need I say more?....OK, I did not really go here, just a walk by. But it's the thought that counts.

Gathering for the invasion of Scotland

Here we have our Squirrel Infantry in the "gray suit" for attacking in the mist that is found around Scotland. It's hard to see, but that is the point, we have our Squirrel infantry in their "white suites" just in case we encounter snow. I've also inspected the "black suites" for fighting in the bogs. Yes, Oh glorious Hamster, we are ready.

National Zoo

What cute little creatures I found at the Zoo. So warm and friendly. We had tea and butternut scones for lunch. The red Panda was very playful and fun to see climbing around the trees. More on the invasion of Scotland later.....

Why I don't fly with other people.

When I fly, I sleep or do work. I do not TALK! I might smile, do the polite hello, but that is it. Add on motor mouth 11 year old child....Thank you for the MP3 player. I'm in Washington, DC. with two kids, a DW, and a lot to do. More later. PS. I should have gone to Bora Bora........