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The long open road.

Climb aboard....many miles to travel today.

So let's recap the day:

3:15am Get up and ready to go to the airport.

6:30am Get on the plane for Phoenix, AZ.

11:00am gooooddd...

4:00pm Arrive in Las Vegas for training, drive around for one hour.

5:00pm Arrive at the customer how forgot to tell anyone that I was coming to do the training so I only had 2 people there. Please insert appropriate words here- %^^&%%$$#@$^^&*

9:00pm Go find hotel, food.

So, how was your day?


Anonymous said…
I love the high desert, something about the first grade in Arizona.

I hope you are not getting paid by the head for the classes. What a pain to be all dressed up and ready to go and have no one to party with. Have fun in Vegas, I get to spend an hour and twenty minutes there in June.

WickedHamster said…
You forgot:

6:15: Tragic industrial accident befalls customer

6:30: Vegas ales good!
Kelsgarden said…
hey, I just realized that you are in Seattle on 3/27

you so messed up dude
Rogue Squirrel said…
No No, He will be home on 3/27. I'll make sure of that, even if I have to drag him home.

'Chucky, digging the driving furry woodland creature headshot.

Me said…
I'm thinking I'd do training for 2 people as long as they paid me! LOL.

Talk about easy and low-key!

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