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I don't like Mondays....

Need I say more? I'm going to start drinking coffee again. I was much more Grinch like when I was drinking coffee. I like being Grinch like. I tried the black tea thing....didn't work, I want coffee. I guess I could drink a Mocha Porter from Rogue, coffee and ale all in one drink. Yes, I know that this post did not make any sense and that is why I need coffee.

Just to prove I don't make the stuff up.

I took this picture just to prove to you all that it's snowing on me again. But wait as I have a better picture for you. And even better yet. Please note the the "X" marks where the road is going. CRAP. I picked the wrong week to give up coffee. I had over 4" of snow on the road going over White Pass in the morning and snow and slush on the the road going over Snoqualmie Pass in the afternoon. And Sqirrel is still in Bora Bora. I'm thinking that he kinda sucks right about now.

The three seasons of Montana.

I know it's hard to see, but it's snowing on me. Maybe this will make things easier to see, it's snowing on me...again. In Montana you have three seasons: Winter, this is when it snows and you expect it to snow. More Winter, this is when it snows and you did not expect it to snow. Construction, this is when it finally stops snowing and you still can't get anywhere because of all of the road construction. I love Montana, no really I do. I would live there if I could just find away to make it happen. And just for the record, I was in 70 degree sunny weather later that day. Please note that the smuges on the windscreen are bugs. Let spring begin.

Nice Rack!

I know that it's hard to see, but this is a rack full of Receivers. This is what I sell and train on. Ya, I'm overwhelmed as well. Thought for the day, "If you are going to sell something, make sure that it's something light and easy to move around to show the customer". Steel is way to heavy. Off to Missoula, MT. and Kalispell, MT. this week. Oh, the joy of it all.

Recap of trip.

3 Weeks 14 nights in hotels. Way to much coffee...not. 4500 miles in my truck. 7000 miles in the air. Sea level to 9910 feet above sea level. Sun to Rain to Snow to everything else. I even drove along the great Salt Lake in Utah.

Damn Dam

Now I know why the big dark line on the map became a little semi-dark line. You would think that the map would show you or warn you that you are going to have a hour delay in you driving schedule. I must admit though, it was kind of cool to see the Dam and everything else.

The long open road.

Climb aboard....many miles to travel today. So let's recap the day: 3:15am Get up and ready to go to the airport. 6:30am Get on the plane for Phoenix, AZ. 11:00am gooooddd ... 4:00pm Arrive in Las Vegas for training, drive around for one hour. 5:00pm Arrive at the customer how forgot to tell anyone that I was coming to do the training so I only had 2 people there. Please insert appropriate words here- %^^&%%$$#@$^^&* 9:00pm Go find hotel, food. So, how was your day?

In memory of Gale.....

In a past life I use to love to go whitewater rafting. You might even say that I was a rafting junkie. The year before I got married I went rafting every weekend that year, except for two. I even spent my vacation time on a river somewhere. I've been on rivers in OR, WA, ID, MT, UT, CA, and Canada. After I got married I slowed down the rafting thing and only went sometimes in the spring run off when the water was flowing. In the spring of '98 I sort of gave up rafting due to a little issue on the Illinois river in Southern Oregon. It started out like any other great trip, the weather was not so good as to draw a lot of people to the river, but not bad enough to keep us off the river. We put on the river on Saturday and the water level was perfect at 2000 CFS. CFS stand for "Cubic Feet Per Second" which means the amount of water to pass a given spot in one second and any given time. Any whoo, we put on the river and ran the top half of the river and had a great time. I

In Sunny Phoenix.....

Stuck inside of a building....crap. At least Squirrel was here to help pass the time........Well hello Squirrel.