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Recap of Florida.

It rained on us. Yes, I'm the only guy in the world that can go from the Pacific Northwest to sunny Florida and have it rain on me. Just remember that every silver cloud has a dark lining. It was very long and we spent most of the time inside. Squirrel and I did manage to find a very nice little brew pub that had a lovely little Amber ale. Not bad considering that we were in a beer wasteland. The meetings were long, not very well planned. We could have cut at least two days off the schedule if we had just used our time better and still covered more information than we did. Did I mention that Squirrel and I found a nice little pub? So, I fly to the Dallas airport from West Palm Beach and taxi to gate C31 so that I can get off the airplane and run to catch my connecting flight, my connecting flight is departing from gate A14 in 40 minutes and the plane from West Palm Beach is 10 minutes late getting to the gate. I was the last person to board the plane and was stuck in the back of

How big is your weiner?

I think that this guy sort of stands out in a crowd. I think that we should end this one right now.


Why does change cause you stress? Here I am with things changing around me and some of it is for the better and some for the worst. Or maybe a better way to put it that I'm in for a transition in my life. When things change for the better you are not suppose to feel stress, are you? Well, I am. So what change in you life might cause you stress? Change your job, move, or maybe not having change(transition) might cause you stress. I'm going to go and hug my rodents now, that always makes me feel better.