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Where in the world is

the Woodchuck

This week I'm in the home office working on projects without any guide lines or budgets. So after 5 days of calling all over the country looking for venues to hold training sessions, we find out that we only have half of the budget we thought we were going to get. What all of this means is that we go from 11 training sessions down to 6. So little time, so much nonproductive work too do.

I start the season of travel next week and it looks something like this, subject to change without notice:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Southern California
Week 4
Week 5
Northern California
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Oakland California
Washington DC..Vacation
Week 9
Pennsylvania, Massachusetts
Week 10
North Carolina
Week 11
Week 12
Calgary AB.

And I'm going to stop there as I'm now in need of a ale. By the end of April I should have put another 10,000 to 12,000 miles on the trusty steed and untold miles in the air.

Most people think that life on the road is this sort of glamorous thing, eating out all of the time, living it up in hotels. I'm here to tell you that it does have it's good points, but life on the road is not that much fun. I would much rather be home with the family and playing with my little rodents. I mean who will teach my rodents to hit a target at 20 paces with a spit ball if I don't?
You have to look at wind speed, are you indoors or out, and do you need it to curve so as to pass blame to someone else?


Kelsgarden said…
Interesting and informative post WC!{grabbing planner to note dates and travel}

bring new towels when you come home . . . you know the good ones ;)
Woodchuck said…
yes dear.....Note to self..stay at Hampton Inn's as they have the best towels.
Anonymous said…
I'm sooooo jealous up to week number 11. 11 and 12 you can keep.

You know - if you ever swing through my little old state you better swing by and have coffee with us. (And if you are on your way to Florida or South Carolina I might just jump in the trunk!)

Hey... how come you don't fly????
Anonymous said…
I notice warmer climates until spring. Smart, very smart. Unlike my training planner who thinks that West Virginia is in the south (end of February.) I am planning a training in Browning Montana in early May. I've never been to Montana, any tips?

Rogue Squirrel said…
Best Ahi sashimi is in Bozeman, at the Montana Ale Works. They also have like 50 beers on tap as well. With all the cows, I have yet to have found a bad steak or buffalo burger...

Kelsgarden said…
now I have weeks 7 and 8 reversed - but that was to accomodate transporting lil 'chuck to airport - if you are in CA that week please advise . . .
Unknown said…
Lemme know if you ever have to go to Wisconsin again...we'll enjoy some chicken pot pie at the Great Dane.

If you get a choice I would seriously consider waiting to come here until the summer. But you already know that...

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