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The answer to the question...

Imperial India Pale Ale.......also know as a strong ale, high alcohol content.

Above and beyond an India Pale Ale--I2PA is radically hopped with an intense aroma and hop bitterness. Unfiltered and aged for 9 months before it leaves the brewery--not for the faint of heart. I2PA is brewed with two-row Pipkin Pale malts, Saaz, Cascade and Northwest Golding hops.

Measurements: 20 degrees Plato, IBU 74, Apparent Attenuation 75, Lovibond 13, 9.5% ABV

Although this is a extreme I2PA, this is an I2PA by which all other I2PAs should be judged.

You can find a nice IPA or I2PA on Nitro at some of the better pubs in the Northwest. Since Nitro is an inert gas that does not change the flavor and does not add any carbonation to the elixir of the gods, it makes the intense aroma and hop bitterness really stand out. I prefer my I2PA served at 52-57 degrees or 10-15 degrees less than room temperature. Most people will not like or prefer their IPA (I2PA) served on Nitro and just continue to consume such ales with the regular Co2 delivery system. The lack of "bubbles" and the creaminess that comes from drinking a I2PA is something that everyone should try.

The mother load is when you can find a nice I2PA that has been double hopped and still served on Nitro. Have someone grab you tongue with pliers and then hit you upside the head with something heavy....ya, it's like that.


WickedHamster said…
Most illuminating! (Also, I think, sign of a misspent youth.)
Kelsgarden said…
I will remind you WH, you asked . . .
WickedHamster said…
I am really very much impressed.
WickedHamster said…
... but shoudln't that be 2IPA?

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