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Where in the world is

the Woodchuck This week I'm in the home office working on projects without any guide lines or budgets. So after 5 days of calling all over the country looking for venues to hold training sessions, we find out that we only have half of the budget we thought we were going to get. What all of this means is that we go from 11 training sessions down to 6. So little time, so much nonproductive work too do. I start the season of travel next week and it looks something like this, subject to change without notice: Week 1 Florida Week 2 Florida Week 3 Southern California Week 4 Phoenix Week 5 Northern California Week 6 Montana Week 7 Seattle Week 8 Oakland California Washington DC..Vacation Week 9 Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Week 10 North Carolina Week 11 Illinois Week 12 Calgary AB. And I'm going to stop there as I'm now in need of a ale. By the end of April I should have put another 10,000 to 12,000 miles on the trusty steed and untold miles in the air. Most people think tha

Quick update on life

1800 miles in 4 days, 40 people trained, and more coffee than anyone should be allowed to drink. I'm now drinking "Awake" black tea from Starbucks. Stuff is really good. Did I mention that I love my little black steed, she runs sooo very well on the highway. And she looks so good in the California sun. Note to self...You can run from Washington to Fresno, Ca. and never loose NPR radio. Just keep switching the station and you can listen to NPR all of the way.

The answer to the question...

Imperial India Pale Ale....... also know as a strong ale, high alcohol content. Above and beyond an India Pale Ale-- I2PA is radically hopped with an intense aroma and hop bitterness. Unfiltered and aged for 9 months before it leaves the brewery--not for the faint of heart. I2PA is brewed with two-row Pipkin Pale malts, Saaz , Cascade and Northwest Golding hops. Measurements: 20 degrees Plato, IBU 74, Apparent Attenuation 75, Lovibond 13, 9.5% ABV Although this is a extreme I2PA, this is an I2PA by which all other I2 PAs should be judged. You can find a nice IPA or I2PA on Nitro at some of the better pubs in the Northwest. Since Nitro is an inert gas that does not change the flavor and does not add any carbonation to the elixir of the gods, it makes the intense aroma and hop bitterness really stand out. I prefer my I2PA served at 52-57 degrees or 10-15 degrees less than room temperature. Most people will not like or prefer their IPA (I2PA) served on Nitro and just contin


Last week I was in Phoenix, AZ and missed all of the snow and ice. YA!!! This week I'm in Seattle and in the #$%%^%$$ snow and have to drive to the top of the mountain pass to conduct a nice little training class. Well, Squirrel is conducting the class. Me, I'm just there for support....poor Squirrel. Finally last night I had an Iscared from Rogue ales. This is a drink where they take a pint and fill it 3/4 of the way with Brutal Bitter and then float I2PA on top to finish off the pint. I'm in love. This could become my new favorite ale from Rogue. I think I will just call it a Brutal Bitter on steroids.

Today was a good day..

I'm flying home today from Phoenix, AZ. First good thing: I was moved from my favorite seat in coach to a window seat in first class. Second thing: The guy sitting next to me did not want to talk and left me alone on the flight. Third thing: The flight was smooth and on time. Fourth thing: I'm walking out of the gate area at the airport when a TSA guy calls me over and ask me if I wanted an item, because if not he was going to throw it away. And you know it would be darn shame to throw out a nice bottle of...... Yes, that is correct, a nice 750ml bottle of Sauza Tres Generaciones 100% Puro De Agave Tequila. I'm now very...very ........tanked. Thank you TSA. I'm a 40% by volume Woodchuck.

Time to motor..

For Christmas I received the Mini Cooper that I've always wanted. This car is perfect. 1964 Rally car Race history 1275 Cooper S motor 8.5 disc brakes Dual 1.75 SU carbs Hi/low suspension Let us all motor about!

The Holidays are gone...time to say goodby..

The hardest part of the holidays is when friends stop by for a few laughs and then the evening comes to an end and you must say goodbye. The holidays are for family, but do not forget about the friends that got you to this point in life. Pick up the phone, write, or email and say "hi" to that person you have not spoken too in a while.