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Just where do kids come from?

Let us take a long look at our parents for just one moment. I know that we all think that we could not have come from them as we are so different than they are. We tend to believe things differently than they do. We can do things better than they can. We will never fall into the same traps that they do. So, if these statement are true, just where do kids come from?

We had a nice time at Christmas with both sets of parents here at the Woodchuck manor. OK, we survived anyway. My mother was standoffish, DWs mother was just rude. They both had very nasty comments for us and our children. DWs mother would not believe that DW put up the Christmas lights on the outside of the house. Even through I told that she did, twice....twice I tell you. My mother told my youngest rodent that her pants were way too tight and she way fat. And I'm concerned that she is a little to thin and should be eating more as she continues to grow. My dad was actually the least trouble of the group, he must not of been feeling good. DWs dad told us the the child that was giving them the most trouble would get stuck with them when they get old, is this a threat? If it is, you can kiss my furry little ass. For the most part I do like my father in law, he just seems to becoming more of a little ass as the years go by.

DWs brother and his wife were here for Christmas as well. It was very nice to see them and Amy is great. She is the only one that is allowed in my kitchen when I'm cooking. She is actually a help and a pleasure to be around. Robert is all grown up now. A far cry from the little spoiled brat that I first knew 16 years ago. I think that we will plan to go back to WI next year for Christmas. We just won't tell the parents until it is to late to follow us there.

I don't do these things, do I? I will never do these things to my kids, will I? I do not want to become my parents. I love my children and want to make their lives positive and not always be a negative rodent. My wife is a great person, how could anyone be so belittling of their child?

If I do become my parents, please put me out of my children's misery!


Kelsgarden said…
and this is exactly why I need to leave now and let you raise the children - I am just thinking of the children . . . save them from me now
Anonymous said…
My favorite t-shirt reads, “Be nice to your kids, they will select your nursing home.” It sounds like you need to buy a family full of these.

Me said…
Looks like my parents took a trip to YOUR house this holiday season. Whew. I'm glad they went to see you and sent aliens in their place to my house. The aliens weren't even snarky when they were here. (Before? Yes. After? Yes.)

I had to stop and RE-read a sentence you wrote twice. One of the little critters being fat? OMGosh. I've seen your little critters. I've told Mrs. Woodchuck in an email that you have the most gorgeous, healthy kids ever - that little one actually GLOWS she is so beautiful. Fat? Ummm.... WHO were they looking at? Not your kid.

My parents have said similar to my girlies - and much much worse. I would say it comes with age, but it doesn't - because my FIL is 20 years older and would never say that. It's just the sad personalities of some parents.
WickedHamster said…
Yep, you should definitely go to DG's parents next year. Just be prepared, when DG's mom finds out you're cooking, she'll invite a houseful. We'll send you a postcard from France.
Woodchuck said…

Thank you very much. I will let the little rodent know.

Coming down for Christmas and cooking for you and the family...yes

You going to
Rogue Squirrel said…
I'll save a bullet for you...
WickedHamster said…
Oh heck! Let's all just bag the whole thing and we'll all go to France! Start savin' your pennies.
Muskyboy said…
Ah, Family. What would we do without em. MommaMusky was so relieved when the OldMuskie's went back to Phoenix, she actually was sober for the first day in weeks. Of course with all the booze being gone she didn't have much of a choice.

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