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Just where do kids come from?

Let us take a long look at our parents for just one moment. I know that we all think that we could not have come from them as we are so different than they are. We tend to believe things differently than they do. We can do things better than they can. We will never fall into the same traps that they do. So, if these statement are true, just where do kids come from? We had a nice time at Christmas with both sets of parents here at the Woodchuck manor. OK, we survived anyway. My mother was standoffish, DWs mother was just rude. They both had very nasty comments for us and our children. DWs mother would not believe that DW put up the Christmas lights on the outside of the house. Even through I told that she did, twice....twice I tell you. My mother told my youngest rodent that her pants were way too tight and she way fat. And I'm concerned that she is a little to thin and should be eating more as she continues to grow. My dad was actually the least trouble of the group, he must not o

One year....Ok, it will be in one week.

In one week I will have been on Blogger for one year. I was looking back to see the lack of wisdom that I have shared over that year and let me tell you the wisdom was very sparse indeed. The humor was not much better on the blog front as I have no humor to spare. I did however find a very nice I2PA along the way and will continue to share such information when I can. So what have we learned over the year? 1. Hooters is not a refernce to owls. 2. 42 is the answer to everything. 3. Wild cows do live above 9000 feet 4. Hamsters are taking over the world. 5. More than 4 hours on the road without a Starbucks is a bad thing. 6. Aston Martin is still for sale and I need investors now....NOW I said.

Merry Christmas to all

I raise my Rouge Santa's ale to you all and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year. I will spend Christmas eve with my parents and in laws . This is just not what Christmas is all about. I love my DW for being able to pull this together and survive it. DW has wrapped all of the gifts and placed them under the tree. And yes, this year we have a real tree, not just the inflatable one. Christmas day is spent with the family and this is what Christmas is all about. I enjoy my kids and all of the fun we have together. I really love to see the stress leave my DW face as the last of the in laws and parents leave and the pressure of the holidays is gone for another 11.5 months.

What do you get???

A grumpy old fart...Ya, I'm stumbled on what to get my dad. Main ideals so far: A smack upside the head... coal... manners... and the list goes down hill from here. Pass the I2PA and let the party begin.

Little side trip

Oh, the little places that Woodchucks go. This is a little canyon just off of I84, 20 miles East of Twin Falls, ID. Don't let the sun fool you, it was only 40 degrees outside. At higher water flow, I bet this would be one hell of a nice little raft trip.

Ok, I had to do this one.

This comes from the Disgruntled Chemist . I don't normaly do list as nobody really cares what I like or anything like that. And mostly because the people that know me know that I like strange things and the people that don't really know me, well I would like to keep them around for a little bit longer. I'm a car guy, so here goes: 1. Favorite Car? 1957 Jaguar XKSS . This is pure art in motion. Aston Martin DB2 2. Favorite Car you've ever owned? 1962 Impala SS Convertible/1960 Austin Heally 3000 3. Car you would be embarrassed to be seen driving? Anything from France. 4. Next car you plan to buy? Classic Mini Cooper. Please don't tell the DW . 5. Next car you would buy for daily use if money were no object? Refer to number one. 6. What bumper stickers or other decorations, if any, do you have on your car? None 7. Average annual miles you put on your primary vehicle? Company truck, 50,000 8. Describe your driving style. Fast and smile at local

780 miles again today.

I left Salt Lake City on Friday at 1pm Pacific time and arrived home at 11:37 pm. That's 10 hours 37 minutes to drive over 780 miles with 3 stops at Starbucks and one stop for fuel. I was going to meet Mr. Squirrel for an Ale in Portland, however due to the fact that I was on auto control, stopping would have been a really bad ideal. That is unless the little squirrel was going to drive me the rest of the way home? Not that anyone really cares, but that adds up to 75.21 miles an hour average. Not bad for a little woodland creature and his trusty stead. This beats my previous best time by 23 minutes. Did I mention that only 13 people attended the training session? This is a far cry from the 100 people that the customer confirmed with us just over a month ago. I was originally going to do 3 two hour sessions instead of the one two hour session. I would have flown instead of driving, but I did have 500 lbs of steel with me and the airlines frown on that much weight.

780 miles today

Just a shot drive today. Starbucks, just two stops today. Snow, check freezing fog, check Dense fog, check Rain, check sun, check 19-52 degrees today. My life is so mundane....I really need to get out more.

Road Trip again

I leave Thursday for Salt Lake City, UT. It's only an 11 hour drive through some of the best country anywhere in the world. The weather should be great based on the forcast. I have all of the Starbucks located for the trip. The mid day meal will come in LaGrande , OR. at Nelle's in and out for the best greasy frys to be found in Oregon. The customer that I'm going to go and see Friday called today to let me know that the orginal plan of training from 8am to 3pm and doing 3 sessions in that time span has changed. I'm now doing a session from 10am until12 noon for about 20 people. This is a far cry from the 3 sessions of 30+ that were going to be there. I really should fly there and not drive. I think that I will look at last minute airfares and see what I can find.