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When do you take a Vacation?

I don't really take vacations, instead I take a lot of small trips with my family. I put the two little rodents in the back and we drive and enjoy time with each other. Although no one in the family is a road warrior like me, they do enjoy the destinations. I have not taken any days off this year and will take my "Vacation time" in December and have fun with the rodents.

I guess I will never understand someone who needs to leave the kids with the Grandparents and go away for two weeks to some place expensive for a break. I mean, shouldn't you home life and family be where you want to go when you need a break. However, I do understand that this does not apply to my MIL....not going there.....not going there........We teach our kids to live and breathe in this world, don't do that, don't do this. But, do we ever teach our kids to have fun. Does anyone ever say do this, do that, or run wild and have fun?

Next time you are driving down the road and you pass one of those road side signs that mark a historic spot, stop and read it. I do it all of the time and I have more fun with my kids doing it. It sparks conversation and learning. And I ask you, is this not what a parent is supposed to do for their kids?

Do I want to go to Jamaica, Hawaii, or some big resort with free drinks, hell yah. Not without my rodents and they are way too young to drink and I'm not ready for them to be running around in a bathing suit in front of guys.....not now, not ever. There will be time later for that type of vacation. For now, I want to be a parent and enjoy my family. Because that will end way to soon, high school, college, and then a family of their own.

Hopefully I have raised them so that they enjoy their family like I enjoy mine.

The perfect rose, almost black.

At the Portland Rose Garden just relaxing.


Anonymous said…
I agree - too many people spend their lives trying to escape from their life

or trying to justify their life -

sure we all have days that we are exhausted and want a break, but trying to escape for a week doesn't change your life - but changing your day to day does make a life
Rogue Squirrel said…
[Wiping little squirrel eyes with a tissue] That was beautiful man...

Then again that almost black rose reminds me of my soul

[Evil cackle and running up the one tree over 3 feet tall in North Dakota]
Woodchuck said…
They have a tree over 3' tall....Wahoooo
Anonymous said…
Quality time with family is worth it's weight in boarding passes.

"Then again that almost black rose reminds me of my soul [Evil cackle and running up the one tree over 3 feet tall in North Dakota]"

My office mates are wondering what I am laughing about. A)I thought the same thing about the rose and someone's heart B) I've seen that Tree in North Dakota, they are so proud of it!

Me said…
Two thoughts: 1) There are SO many couples who never vacation with their kids! They leave the kids (even as babies) with grandparents and take off by themselves and some never do a 'family' vacation. Only themselves. That to me is WEIRD. Coffeehusband and I went on 1 (ONE) trip without kids EVER in our lives and it was just last year after the kids were older, and we were taking them to Florida on a family trip the very next month.

2. I try to have fun with the kids... but Coffeehusband sometimes has to be pulled and cajoled into joining. LOL.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
That was a lovely post. Playing and fun rapidly seem to be disappearing out of childhoods...
You're a great Dad.

(Is Kel reading this?)

Kel you're a great Mum too.
Me said…
**** CAR QUESTION ****

I knew this would be a good place to find you. Tell me oh wise woodchuck - is there a light that comes standard in 1993 Firebirds in the center consol with the stick shift? You know - so you can see if it's in D, R, etc.?

Cuz we need to know if Babygirls is burned out and replaceable or if there isn't one to begin with. You know... since it's a 1993 and all. ;)

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