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Water, water every where and not a penguin in site.

Twin Falls, ID. What a great place to find a mini mart with a large selection of Rogue ales on hand. Needless to say the Squirrel and I were very happy too view the falls, have a nice dinner and then sit back in the hotel room and drink a Rogue.

One should always know where the next ale can be found.

I should point out that this picture was taken during the spring run off. Right now I'm home enjoying a nice cup of tea and the Squirrel is in North Dakota.


Anonymous said…
Water, water every where and not a penguin in site.

Woodchuck said…
But the Penguin is alway welcome to come and enjoy the trip with the furry critters...
Anonymous said…
and the Squirrel in in the Dakotas . . . I thought it was just a myth, the Dakotas . . .

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